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4 New Edgings with Endgrain Decor

The Endgrain oak decors from Kaindl combine classic long grain with large-scale end grain elements and knotholes for a rustic look. So far, you had to choose between applying an edging with a long grain decor or one with an end grain decor at the narrow surface of the board. Now, Ostermann has launched an elegant solution that combines both. The new Endgrain edgings are available in 4 different oak shades.

The Endgrain surfaces enjoy great popularity in furniture making. The decor is characterised by a combination of natural long grain and end grain elements. As of now, the industry can benefit from ABS edgings that unite these decorative elements in one design.


To the edging highlights

Edging highlight

Knotholes Join Long Grain and End Grain

When developing the new edgings, the creators made sure that there were smooth transitions from long grain to end grain; they also strove for an elegant integration of the rustic knotholes that define the decor. Therefore, the branch elements were deliberately used to make the transition from long to end grain. If you let your gaze wander along the edging, you will see how the longitudinal fibre structures go around the knothole in curved lines, and then segue into the annual rings.

4 Colours - 4 Options

The new edgings are available in 4 different colours. Apart from the natural wood colour of the ABS edging Oak Endgrain Classic, there is a "Pure" variant in light brown, a "Raw" variant in medium brown, and "Cognac" variant which is dark brown. The new edgings give you the opportunity to integrate the elegant surfaces even better into a modern interior.

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