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7 New ABS Edgings With an End Grain Look


"Looks Like the Real Deal!" - In order for carpenters/cabinet makers to achieve this effect with decorative chipboard, Ostermann now provides new and very realistic ABS edgings with an end grain look. The edgings are available in 7 different colours and thus match many standard wood decors.

"Is this real wood or not?" - When hearing this question, the carpenter/cabinet maker knows that he has done a good job in choosing and processing the edging. In this case, the distinction between solid wood and chipboard can merely be made my smelling the unique scent of real wood. For the creation of this realistic effect, Ostermann now offers 7 new ABS edgings with a particularly vivid, and thus very authentic end grain decor.

7 new ABS edgings with a realistic impression of end grain.

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Long Grain and End Grain Cleverly Combined

If you apply an edging matching the board decor on the long side of the board and an end grain decor edging with a matching colour on the short side, the chipboard is scarcely distinguishable from real wood any more. The new edgings are available in 7 different colour shades - from white to brown - and in dimensions of 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 1 mm, a range that will help you to match them as perfectly as possible to the different wood surface decors.

For further information on the new edgings, type in the search item "highlights022020".