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Decor Edgings with Style

Stunning and stylish: on their two new ABS edgings, Istanbul Style smooth and Hong Kong Style smooth, OSTERMANN's experts in edging also prove their sense for exceptional design.

Furniture makers on the lookout for special design solutions can now put into practice their ideas with just the right edging. OSTERMANN's new edgings Istanbul Style smooth and Hong Kong Style smooth are perfect candidates for individual room concepts. The two new products are set apart by exceptional decors which represent the style of two just as exceptional metropolitan cities. Both edgings are available in any width up to 100 mm.

Decor Edgings with Style

To the edging highlights

Decor Edgings with Style

ABS Edging Istanbul Style Smooth

Istanbul is a metropolitan city with many different cultural influences. This is where East and West, Europe and Asia meet. The Istanbul Style decor gives you a hint of its namesake's cultural diversity. Could it be construction plans for the Hagia Sophia which emerge as faint sketches, almost like a historical blueprint, looming dimly from the dark background? The dark, brown-grey base tone of the edging is reminiscent of an ancient blackboard. You can see tiny scratches and remains of architectural designs and inscriptions. Some areas are darker and seem as though the surface is particularly scuffed on that spot. In brief: a decor that tells a story. The 2 mm wide, smooth edging perfectly matches the furniture board of the same name, but it is also well suited to stand out on plain-coloured boards, e.g. grey or dark ones, where it will add a special touch.

ABS Edging Hong Kong Style smooth

Like Istanbul, Hong Kong is a metropolis that contrasts tradition and modern age. And the ABS edging Hong Kong Style likewise shows a dominating used look with wear and tear. The colour spectrum of the decor encompasses grey, beige and blue-grey tones. You can also see large whitish or slightly light blue areas. Diamond shaped patterns are reminiscent of snakeskin or coarsely woven fabric. In addition, there are smaller whitish or slightly light blue plain areas, always with light individual or parallel indicated scratches. To apply the 1 mm thick, smooth edging in furniture making, there are several options here as well: either at the board with matching decor surface or as accentuating edging on white, grey or grey-blue plain boards.

Furniture makers will also find all information on the two new edgings by typing in the search item „#Highlights08".