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The OSTERMANN online shop and the OSTERMANN app set important standards in the markets and have evolved into our most important services. Our online shop is available to you in 11 different languages, and as an app for iOS and Android devices as well. Customers appreciate especially the quick search on the starting page of You only need to type in the board number and you will immediately receive the OSTERMANN recommendation for the matching edging. With over 20,000 items, we provide a huge diversity of products for furniture making - both offline and online!

Just in time delivery“Just in Time” Delivery

The delivery of furniture edgings from 1 metre evolved over the years into various innovative services around the edging. The most important one is the quick and reliable delivery service. Stocked goods ordered by 4.00 p.m. will leave the warehouse that same day. Thanks to the latest storage technology, it takes only about 10 minutes from the receipt of an order until the merchandise is ready for dispatch. Our highly advanced logistic systems help us to dispatch more than 6,000 items per day. This way, we make sure that a shortage of material is no reason for an unnecessary and expensive project delay.

Always the Right Solution: Post-Processed Edgings

Always the right solution: post-processed edgingsIf technically possible, we also supply edgings with special coatings like a hotmelt adhesive coating or made-to-measure with a T-bar. The latter is particularly suitable for an easy bonding of ABS edgings onto roundings and curves, or for the mobile application at a construction site. OSTERMANN supplies edgings in the standard widths 23, 33, 43 and 100 mm. In case you need further widths for a particular assignment, we will also cut edgings into the required widths. This service is offered from a length of only 10 metres (for veneer edgings 50 metres, for melamine edgings 150 metres). Furthermore, we will cut melamine and thin ABS edgings from a mother roll to your desired width. The delivery period for post-processed edgings is 2-3 working days.

Expert adviceExpert Advice

„From Carpenters - For Carpenters“ - this is the OSTERMANN motto. Trained carpenters/cabinet makers offer highly qualified technical advice. Our own application technicians offer know-how on modern zero joint technologies and the competent sales representative provide advice and support on site, all over Europe.

Edings from 1 metre

For your day-to-day work, you will mostly need small amounts of different edgings. We therefore offer edgings from a length of just 1 metre. The logistics for the necessary storing and retrieval of edgings has been optimised by us after years of experience. The advantages for you are obvious: no remaining amounts of edgings, less need for storage and thus less capital commitment, not to mention the time saved at the annual stocktaking.

Zero Joint for Small Businesses

With laser technology, modern hot air units or the near infrared radiation (NIR), you can now produce furniture elements with a nearly invisible transition from the board surface to the edging. This is referred to as a so-called „optical zero joint”. Furniture elements with an „optical zero joint“ do not only impress in their outer appearance, but also with their excellent quality. The connection between the board and the edging is significantly more resistant to moisture and heat as well as soiling than a bond with EVA hotmelt adhesive. With the Laser, Airtec or Infratec edging, we have deliberately decided to work on individual edging solutions compatible with each processing technology. We are happy to advise you on this matter.