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Edging service

Edging service

Throughout Europe Ostermann is known by craftsmen for its exceptional service. Almost everyone knows the Ostermann service icons which can be found on the back of the Ostermann edgings catalogue and in many promotional materials. But what company expenditure lies behind this?


edgings from just 1 metreEdgings from just 1 metre

With most suppliers the minimum order quantity for edgings is one roll .This is not without reason since orders of small lengths mean a high logistical cost. However, carpenters/cabinet makers need small lengths of different edgings for many jobs and projects. That’s why we at Ostermann have edgings from 1 metre. Ostermann has optimised the logistics for storing and picking edgings during many years of experience. The advantages for the carpenters/cabinet makers are obvious: no residual amount, less storing, and therefore less capital tie-up, quite apart from the time savings during the annual stock control.


Edgings in every width up to 100 mmEdgings in every width up to 100 mm

Even for Ostermann it’s not easy to have every edging in every width continuously in stock. Storage costs would be huge. That’s why most edgings are in standard widths of 23, 33, 43 and 100 mm. Some edgings are in the standard range in larger widths. If a carpenter/joiner needs other widths for a project, then the Ostermann slitting service is available. Here Ostermann provides an edging, based on an individual customer’s requirements, of the desired width and this can be done from a length of 10 m (with real wood veneer edgings 1 roll). The delivery time for slitted edgings is 2-3 days.


Edgings in various thicknessesEdgings in various thicknesses

The 2mm edging is also called “safety edging” because of its good protective qualities of impact resistance. It is still the most popular and sought after thickness in the Ostermann range. Edgings of 3mm thickness are used in the office furniture industry, because of the special demands of furniture. Following the trend to smaller and smaller radii, edgings of 1mm have been increasingly popular in recent years. Ostermann has reacted quickly and matched nearly 18,000 board decors in 1mm edgings. In addition Ostermann customers also have available to them numerous ABS thin edgings (0.4mm) as well as melamine edgings (0.3mm).


Edgings in ABS, Melamine, 3D-Acrylic, Aluminium and Real wood veneerEdgings in ABS, Melamine, 3D-Acrylic, Aluminium and Real wood veneer

The diversity of materials in Europe’s largest range of edgings is huge and offers the matching material for every possible purpose.  Melamine is a chlorine free bleached special paper impregnated with thermoset resins. ABS is the environmentally-friendly material for plastic edgings, since it is characterised by outstanding processing properties and material resistance as well as trouble-free disposal. Acrylic edgings are highly transparent acrylic with décor applied to the reverse side, resulting in a three dimensional effect. Ostermann supplies aluminium edgings in a roll or straight lengths with many attractive surfaces. In addition, Ostermann offers carpenters/cabinet makers a comprehensive range of thin, thick and cross grain edgings, of bent wood, end grain veneer and multiplex edgings.


Edgings with Airtec coating upon request in just 5 working days (Germany: 4 working days)Edgings with Airtec coating upon request in just 5 working days (Germany: 4 working days)

Ostermann Airtec edgings are available in many colours, decors and dimensions. They are treated subsequently with a specially produced Airtec functional layer. This layer can only be activated by means of hot air. Other processing methods are not possible.


All edgings available as laser compatible edgings in just 5 working days (Germany: 4 working days)All edgings available as laser compatible edgings in just 5 working days (Germany: 4 working days)

Ostermann has several facilities for pre coating of edgings with laser melt and guarantees delivery of the coated edgings within 5 work days or by arrangement even faster.


Edgings pre-glued with hotmelt adhesive upon requestEdgings pre-glued with hotmelt adhesive upon request

Ostermann offers – where it is technically possible – all edgings with a hotmelt adhesive coating. In this way the craftsman himself receives the same edging whether pre-glued or unglued. For simple processing of ABS edgings on curves Ostermann supplies ABS edgings from a thickness of 2mm which are individually custom made with a T- bar.


The largest Cross-Reference List in Europe with over 120,000 matchesThe largest Cross-Reference List in Europe with over 120,000 matches

In order to find the matching Ostermann edging for a board décor we have the Ostermann cross-reference list (CRL).Through this reference list, craftsmen can find either in the Ostermann catalogue or online in the Ostermann online shop the matching edgings for the board decors of more than 70 board supppliers. The Ostermann CRL was the first on the market over 20 years ago and today, with more than 120,000 matches, it is still the largest CRL.


Europe’s largest edging rangeEurope’s largest edging range

The Ostermann group stores Europe’s largest range of edgings – more than 20,000 palette storage spaces. Ostermann built a fully automatic high-rack warehouse in Bocholt in 2012. This has doubled the warehouse capacity yet again.


All orders placed before 4pm are delivered within 48 hoursAll orders placed before 4pm are delivered within 48 hours

The so-called “just in time” delivery is a very popular Ostermann service. By using it craftsmen in Germany and almost the whole of Europe can be sure that there will be no long delay caused by missing material, such as edgings, adhesives or similar. Since storage is complex and expensive more and more craftsmen are using Ostermann as an external warehouse and store hardly any edging material.


2% discount on every online or app order2% discount on every online or app order

Anyone who likes using the internet as a shopping tool can still save money when ordering in the Ostermann online shop or with the new Ostermann app.