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Edging Trend: Matt Plain Colours

New furniture is becoming more colourful, surfaces more matt. OSTERMANN presents selected edgings to implement the trend.

Recent trade fairs have shown: designers, board manufacturers and the furniture industry are increasingly turning to coloured but matt surfaces. New plain decors are therefore more saturated in hue and have a darker colour value than the so far popular pastel shades. They also have a reduced gloss level and are less luminous in order to counterbalance their intense colouring. These matt decors combine well with materials such as wood or stone. To inspire furniture makers for new projects, the OSTERMANN experts have selected five of the matt and plain edgings and give tips for their application.

Edging Trend: Matt Plain Colours


Edging Trend: Matt Plain Colours

Edging Highlights. Matt and Colourful.

For colourful and cosy furniture, OSTERMANN recommends the edgings "Giallo Kashmir", "Native Pink", "Spice Red", "Dark Emerald" and "Navy Blue". Due to their saturated colour, they have a very warm and cosy effect - more so than rather shiny or bright uni colours. This is enhanced even further by the matt surface finish. Since all edgings have a similar gloss level and a comparable colour saturation, they combine excellently.

Colourful Ideas for Furniture Makers

The current colours are especially suited to set accents in kitchen construction: with a kitchen unit in the muted "Dark Emerald" green for example, or with a dark "Navy Blue" surface. If you want to add another colour, position a freestanding kitchen block in front of it in "Giallo Kashmir" - a warm corn yellow. The dark "Spice Red" and the powdery "Native Pink" are also a great match and create a stylishly designed ambience in the modern kitchen. Too colourful? The individual edgings and surfaces can also be combined with a wood decor for a harmonious overall appearance. Perfect partners for this look are walnut decors, for example the one on the "Okapi Walnut wood pore" edging.

All information on the edging tips can be found under the search item „#Highlights02".