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Edgings in Natural Colours

Restrained, natural colours in the range from beige to grey have an inviting and calming effect. They can be combined with each other, but also with all wood or stone decors. Furniture makers looking for edgings in natural plain colours will find the right solution at OSTERMANN.

Neutral colours such as beige, light browns and the entire range of grey tones are in vogue. They represent our longing for naturalness and bring the calming effect of earthy materials such as stone, earth, or sand into our living environments. At the same time, they stand for sustainability. Carpenters / cabinet makers looking for a large selection of edgings in neutral plain colours will find them at OSTERMANN - in many widths and thicknesses and with numerous surfaces. For ABS alone, there are over 200 different solutions in the "beige", "grey" and "brown" colour groups.


To the edging highlights

To the edging highlights

Furniture with Lasting Beauty

Furniture in beige, brown or grey tones can be flexibly combined with changing fashion colours through small details. If blue is the trend, there is a blue vase on the sideboard. If red goes in style, you change the vase, maybe a picture, and not the whole furniture. Experts agree: furniture in neutral colours will keep their appeal for many years.

Partners in Crime: Restrained Colours, Natural Decors

The described colours can be combined quite well with one another. Light beige tones, for example, go well with soft shades of grey or brown. If you prefer something a little livelier, combine the soft neutrals with natural decor surfaces, as for example light wood decors. But they also cut a fine figure with dark woods or stone decors. If only small quantities of different edgings are required for a piece of furniture, OSTERMANN can supply these in many standard widths in small quantities starting at 1 metre. The edgings are also available with different textures and gloss levels.

Order Trend Edgings 24/7

All OSTERMANN furniture edgings can be ordered around the clock via the online shop or the OSTERMANN app. Shop and app are available in 11 different languages. Customers appreciate especially the quick search function on the starting page. All you need to do here is to enter the board number and you will immediately receive a recommendation for the matching edging. All orders for stock items placed by 4 pm are shipped on the same day.

All information on the trend edgings can be found under the search item „#Highlights02".