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For Each Project the Right Edging

Edgings in 0.4, 1 and 2 mm

The best edging is always the one you don’t see! For you to be able to match the edgings on an object perfectly to individual requirements, we are providing ABS edgings in different thicknesses. This gives you the freedom to fit rear panels and shelves with a 0.4 mm thick ABS edging, carcass and fronts with a 1 mm ABS edging and tables or impact edges with a 2 mm ABS edging, all of the same decor.

Thin ABS Edgings

Thin ABS edgings offer the processor a high-quality alternative to classic melamine edgings. They are more resilient and less susceptible to impacts. Their application field includes covering the rear ends of tabletops, carcasses, shelf segments, studs and side sections.

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1 mm EdgingsAdvantages of 1 mm Edgings

Advantage 1: Small Radius

1 mm ABS edgings are a reliable solution for slender furniture with narrow edges and calm surfaces. When processing 1 mm edgings, the occurring radius is rather small, which makes these edgings particularly suitable for super matt or high gloss surfaces as well as for surfaces with striking decors.

Advantage 2: Realistic Feel

Compared to thinner edgings with a thickness of only 0.8 mm, 1 mm ABS edgings offer the possibility of stamping in a deeper embossing during manufacturing and achieving a more realistic look and feel on the edging finish. In the event of using a coarse panel material, 1 mm ABS edgings reduce the pushing-through of the wood fibres, the so-called telegraphy effect, compared to thinner materials. If you want to focus on a perfect gloss or matt effect and a calm surface finish at the edging while using a coarse panel, we recommend you to use an at least 1 mm thick variant.

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Edgings with a Thickness of 2 mm

Following the trend of angular furniture with very straight lines of the past years, more furniture with sweeping roundings has come up again at the latest furniture fairs. For these, classic 2 mm edgings are the best choice. Furthermore, the 2 mm edgings are especially suitable for:

  • surfaces with deep embossings
  • furniture exposed to heavy impact

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