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Furniture Edgings with Terrazzo Decor


The word "Terrazzo" is of Italian origin and means "terrace" or "patio" in English. Way back, in ancient Rome, the so-called Terrazzo technique was already used for the floors of the houses' inner courtyards. Now, the furniture industry has rediscovered the look of those antique concrete blocks. Reason enough for OSTERMANN to present you a selection of edgings reflecting the look.

The robust floor covering known since antiquity is a smoothly polished surface made of cement-bound and highly compacted mineral inclusions. Many still know the decor from floor tiles in the corridors of older buildings. Now, the speckled stone look is finding its way into our furniture.

Furniture Edgings with Terrazzo Decor

Click here for the edging highlights

Click here for the edging highlights

To be found everywhere: Terrazzo decors

Numerous board suppliers offer Terrazzo decors in their current collections. The colour palette ranges from dark anthracite to light beige or white with different inclusions. OSTERMANN introduces selected edgings with a terrazzo look here, representing the large variety of surface finishes.

Dark and Subtle: Black Ventura Stone

OSTERMANN's Black Ventura Stone edging provides carpenters/cabinet makers with the perfect edging for Egger board F117 ST76. It is a nice, dark variant of the Terrazzo motif. The grey-brown basic colour of the surface is interfused with numerous smaller inclusions from white to brown, giving it a vibrant effect.

Strikingly Colourful: Abruzzo Colore

The Abruzzo colore edging matches Pfleiderer's surface S68048 FG to perfection. As suggested by the addition "colore", you will find in this board many colourful elements - from black or slate blue to ocre and white. The vibrant effect is enhanced by the different sizes of these "inclusions". With its variety of colours, the board is a perfect fit for all plain colours imbedded it in its decor, such as yellow, grey, black and blue.

Classic mix: Abruzzo Naturale

OSTERMANN has sampled the Abruzzo naturale edging to match Pfleiderer's Abruzzo naturale surface (S68049 FG). The edging has the same lively formation of stones like the Abruzzo coloure edging, only in this case exclusively with black, grey and white inclusions. The decor is reminiscent of classic floor coverings. Due to its relatively homogeneous effect, it can be combined with different woods, but also with Unis or up-to-date concrete or rust imitations.

Tone-in-tone: White Sonora Stone

This edging, matching Egger surface F041 ST15, shows a lot of small beige or sandy inclusions. The board's basic colour is beige as well. The subtle colour combination and the rather consistent size of inclusions makes this a harmonious and warm decor, and an excellent choice for the currently popular faded oak decors or cutting-edge matt-black surfaces.

Light and Friendly: Terrazzo Cassata

The particularly wide-spread and light basic colour of the Terrazzo Cassata edging matches the Polyrey T107 EXM board excellently and brings out the smaller blue, grey and brownish inclusions. In addition, the extremely matt surface finish gives the edging a very elegant look. The light basic colour of board and edging can be combined very well with darker and rather vibrant wood decors.

For further information on the new edgings, type in the search item „Highlights052020“.