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Essential accessories
You will need the following products for processing the selected article:

Handles made-to-measure

Ostermann can now personalise and customise the popular handles and recessed grips from its stock range for your frontal designs.

We cut and process the profiles; you receive a ready-to-fit product. Simply tell us the lengths and quantities you need.

  • Ready-to-fit delivery
  • Clean processing
  • 35 different handles/recessed grips to choose from
  • Made-to-measure from 200 mm
  • Ready for shipment within 3 working days

Refinement stage 1

Handle shortening to your desired length

Schritt 1: Kürzen

This is where we cut the profile to your desired length with millimetre-precision.

Refinement stage 2

Removal of the bar at both ends

Schritt 2: Ausnehmen

This is where we perform the intricate trimming work on the bar ends.

Refinement stage 3

Chamfering the cut edges

Schritt 3: Polieren und entgraten

We remove bumps and traces of sawing when polishing the cut edges.

Customisable products: