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High-quality 3D acrylic edgings

High-quality 3D acrylic edgings from experienced edging specialists

3D acrylic edgings for high-grade work pieces

At Europe's leading edging specialist, Ostermann GmbH, tradesmen, carpenters, furniture manufacturers and joiners will find the right materials for successful furniture production and effective interiors able to satisfy the specific wishes of customers at all times. Ostermann is constantly adding new products to its range and its edgings and profiles section now boasts well over 12,000 items. By continuously expanding its product portfolio, Ostermann is providing new solutions to meet the growing requirements of professional carpenters and joiners.

One particularly effective innovation within Ostermann's range is the 3D acrylic edgings, which enable glass and aluminium to be creatively and perfectly combined with one another. It is not only the deceptively real glass look that makes these 3D acrylic edgings a coveted material for carpenters and joiners. The way they are constructed now means that glass - a material otherwise difficult to work with - is now available for a range of applications.

With the impressive appearance of depth created by the decor embossed on the reverse side, these 3D acrylic edgings are transformed in a quite special material for the professional production of creative work pieces, wholly in keeping with the customers' individualised wishes. The three-dimensional effect is created by the 1 or 2 mm thick acrylic decor layer applied to the reverse side. This creates an appearance of depth, which perfectly imitates the character of glass.

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The special features of Ostermann's 3D acrylic edgings:

  • impressive appearance of depth from the rear side embossed decor
  • Protected decor area, making the material highly abrasion-resistant
  • Matt surfaces are polishable

Ostermann's special edgings service provides carpenters, furniture manufacturers and joiners with the opportunity to acquire 3D acrylic edgings in various thicknesses, widths and lengths. This means that Ostermann can readily supply the smallest quantities, all delivered promptly within 24 hours. This service makes Ostermann an external warehouse for trade professionals.

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