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Laser edgings

Laser edgings from Ostermann – innovation pays off

Laser edgings from Ostermann: The "visual zero-gap joint"!

As an innovative and customer-orientated company, Ostermann UK Ltd strives to continuously develop products and offers, which enable tradesmen to reliably and perfectly realise the individual wishes of their customers. One of the central hot topics in modern furniture making is laser edgings, which are distinctive because of their particularly easy workability and they enable the achievement of high-grade results.

Thanks to the innovative technique, through which the edgings are bonded to the furniture piece using modern laser methods, there is no need for additional adhesives or separating and cleaning agents. By using laser edgings tradesmen are recording low consumption of materials and reduced set-up costs. The use of laser edgings also makes it possible to make savings in relation to energy consumption. The merger of lasers edgings and boards has the additional benefit that the joint between the two materials is scarcely noticeable. In this connection, we therefore talk about an "optical zero-gap joint".

The special advantages of laser edgings:

  • Optical merger of edging and material
  • Lower material consumption and reduced costs
  • Savings in energy consumption

Thanks to its comprehensive technical knowledge, Ostermann GmbH is in a position to prepare various edging materials for application by using the special laser technique. Ostermann GmbH has a great deal of expertise in the development and production of laser edgings. ABS edgings and edgings made from melamine resin, tinctured paper, real wood and 3D acrylic edgings can all be processed with a laser-active coating.

Special laser edgings are required for the innovative process, which were previously only available with long delivery times. With Ostermann these laser-compatible edgings are available from one roll all within just four working days. This special service makes the wholesaler an external warehouse for joiners, carpenters and tradesmen.