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Melamine Edgings

Information about melamine edgings

The melamine edging is an affordable alternative to plastic edgings and is especially suitable for less exposed areas, such as the straight edge for the narrow surface coating of wood materials. OSTERMANN‘s melamine range also contains special varnishable edgings which can easily be painted. We supply all melamine edgings as a pre-glued variant.

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Melamin edgings

Melamine edgings are available from OSTERMANN in every width up to 300 mm. If required for painting, we recommend special varnishable edgings, which are available in various thicknesses. For an easy processing, we can also offer melamine edgings that are pre-coated with EVA hot-melt adhesive.

Special paper, bleached and impregnated with thermosetting resins.

Lightfast, level 6 according to DIN 54004.

Not paintable - for lacquering thin surfaces, OSTERMANN recommends special varnishable edgings from the ABS and melamine range.

Easy inflammable according to DIN 4102, B3 not self-extinguishing (B1 - hardly inflammable - only as a complete component, if LGA tested).

Temperature-resistant from -40 °C to +100 °C

Fulfills the requirements of chemical classification group 1B to 1D according to DIN 68861-1.

Can be burned with wood waste at the required temperature.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Pre-glued melamine edgings can simply be bonded with an iron

Tips & Tricks

Upon request, OSTERMANN slits melamine jumbo rolls in every width and has a wide selection of pre-glued melamine edgings in stock. These can be applied using a hot air blower, other hot air devices or an iron. Standard melamine edgings are only for straight gluing. They are not suitable as soft or folding edgings.

Processing of melamine edgings

Machine: can be machine-bonded with all common hotmelt adhesives (EVA, PUR, PA, PO)
Manually: simply melt the glue at the back of the edging using a hot air blower or an iron

Heat-permeable without melting. Remnants can easily be removed after bonding.


Risk of breakage when bending, therefore no post-forming or folding possible.

Plastic cleaner (DN cleaner) - avoid using highly solvent-based, alcoholic or abrasive substances.

Packaged in weather-protected environment at room temperature (20 - 25 °C) and with a humidity of 55 - 65 %, the max shelf life is 6 months.

Surface damage can be mended with touch-up pens as well as hard and soft waxes.