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Multiplex edgings


    High-quality multiplex edgings from exotic woods

    Satisfy individualised customer requests with high-quality multiplex edgings

    In Ostermann's edgings range - the largest in Europe - craftsmen, carpenters, furniture manufacturers and joiners will find an extensive selection. With some 22,000 pallet bays, Ostermann offers a multitude of edgings to form the basis for every type of interior design work, for carpentry and joinery requirements. With over 12,000 edgings and profiles in stock, Ostermann is the direct point of contact for every form of edging application.

    In the multiplex edgings section, professionals will find a varied range in different decors and thicknesses. But whether they be thin veneer edgings, thick veneer edgings, aluminium sandwich edgings or original multiplex edgings... what the different variations have in common is their quality, optical appearance and workability. They are all thoroughly convincing products, particularly because of their natural colour and outstanding "feel" qualities. These multiplex edgings are specially prepared to make them easily workable, meaning they are ideal of a diverse range of project requirements. At Ostermann the tradesman will find multiplex edgings made from both domestic and exotic woods.

    The special advantages of multiplex edgings:

    • Uniquely structured coloration properties and special feel
    • Easy to work
    • Suitable for challenging projects

    Ostermann UK Ltd can deliver multiplex edgings in rolled product form or in fixed lengths in various thicknesses and widths. The wholesaler is therefore providing its customers with a quite special service. Upon request, Ostermann's multiplex edgings can be specifically prepared for the particular application. Depending on the particular features of the multiplex edgings, they are available with hotmelt adhesives or with a fleece backing. Aluminium sandwich edgings consist of real wood edgings combined with different aluminium layers and are available in lengths of 4 m and over.

    As a customer-focused company, Ostermann will give a 2% discount to tradesmen placing orders online and will guarantee them delivery of the goods within 24 hours. Thanks to this prompt delivery service, the company functions like an external warehouse for carpenters and joiners and other manufacturers, who can get new supplies whenever they need them.