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New: ABS Edging Indian Oak Red


    The new „Indian Oak red“ edging combines earthy and modern design aspects. The red wood grain on light oak gives the decor an exceptional but not too flashy effect, with the result that Indian Oak red unobtrusively stands out in different furnishings.

    It is somewhat reminiscent of Scandinavian design: the red colour, the light wood. OSTERMANN'S new edging makes you think of quaint wooden cabins nestled in a landscape with Scandinavian fjords. So, rather Sweden than India. Then why is it called Indian Oak? The new decor is a recreation of the Indian oak tree, which is indeed found in nature and which is, as the name suggests, native to Asian regions. The edging, however, is a fantasy decor, and as such still feels at home a little further north. It matches the Pfleiderer's board decor of the same name perfectly. Indian Oak red is part of the new Pfleiderer „Design Collection 2021-2024“ uand belongs to the „Summertime“ line.

    Learn more about the new Pfleiderer collection

    Indian Oak

    To the edging highlights

    To the edging highlights

    Perfect Match: ABS Edging „Indian Oak red“ by OSTERMANN

    To help you convey the slender lines from the Pfleiderer board to the edging, OSTERMANN offers the ABS edging Indian Oak red wood pore an. It is a recreation of real wood with just the same look and feel. The edging is available from stock in standard dimensions of 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 2 mm, giving tradesmen the opportunity to react flexibly to any customer requests.

    Well Combined: One Decor, Different Styles

    The ground colour of "Indian Oak red" is a light oak shade. The structure is based on real wood grain and reflects it with all its irregularities. The rusty red colour of the grain lines brings out these irregularities in a special way. Despite the striking design, the new OSTERMANN edging is easily combined with different furnishing styles:

    • the slightly Scandinavian look is consistent with Nordic furnishings
    • classic oak furnishings can be lightened up by the lively decor
    • the wood structure is rich in contrasts and therefore goes well with metallic industrial elements such as black table frames, which conjure up a loft look in no time

    Small Order? Not a Problem.

    While housing becomes increasingly expensive and the number of single-person households is on the rise, more and more people attach importance to quality furnishings in their own home. Special solutions for small rooms and furniture are in high demand. It's a good thing that OSTERMANN delivers edgings in small quantities from 1 metre. The quick delivery allows tradesmen to finish their orders in just in time and in high quality. Here we go! The next project is waiting.

    Carpenters/cabinet makers can find all information on the new edgings by typing in the search item „#Highlights02“.