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New Colours at Arpa Fenix

Arpa Industriale's extremely matt Fenix surfaces have been setting trends in furniture making since they were first brought to market. The Italian design specialist has just extended the range of colours by 6 extremely matt tones. The matching edgings are available at OSTERMANN.

Ever since the booming success of the Fenix NTM Bloom Collection we can be sure: new colours from this collection set trends worldwide. You could not find any kitchen on the market in colours such as matt dark green, warm red or corn yellow until recently. Today, these colours represent exquisite Italian design and have found their way into many board collections. But Arpa Industriale is already one step ahead. Six new colours have just been introduced by the company, for which OSTERMANN once again has the perfectly matching edgings in stock. The edgings impress with an extremely matt surface and are available in standard dimensions of 23, 33, 43 and 100 by 1 mm.

New Colours at Arpa Fenix

To the edging highlight

New Colours at Arpa Fenix

New Colours with Trend Potential

Once again, the new Fenix colours are exceptional, and their extremely matt finish gives them their very own, elegant look. The same is true of the matching edgings, all of which have been sampled by OSTERMANN with an "Excellent Matt" finish. The Viola Orissa edging shows a dark purple hue, reminiscent of the intense colour of an aubergine. Just not glossy, but extremely matt. The second shade of red - Rosso Namib - is reminiscent of red sand, brick or clay, and endows furniture with a warm touch. The relatively neutral shade of the edging Giallo Evora can best be described as warm sand-coloured and can - according to the OSTERMANN experts' recommendation - be perfectly combined with one of the two previously mentioned shades.

Blue, Green, Grey - Familiar yet New

The three other new OSTERMANN edgings Blu Shaba, Verde Kitami and Grigio Aragona cover the blue-green and grey colour spectrum. They all have in common a muted appearance with striking grey elements. Blu Shaba is a very calm and dark shade of blue that tends towards grey and also has greenish components. The green of Verde Kitami is much lighter, very neutral, and less luminous than that of the Verde Brac edging, which has been on the market for a while. An ideal companion for the two edgings - according to the unanimous opinion of OSTERMANN experts - is the last of the 6 new colours: Grigio Aragona. The shade ranges between grey and brown and is reminiscent of the mineral mud used for health applications.

A Tip from the OSTERMANN Experts

All OSTERMANN edgings with an "Excellent Matt" surface are shipped with a protective film. To easily remove these from the edgings, use the REDOCOL protective film remover, a useful little tool from the OSTERMANN range. It has a soft, rubberised layer on the underside, which quickly detaches the film and facilitates its removal.

Another Tip: Fronts Made to Measure

In addition to the perfectly matching edgings, the new Fenix surfaces are of course also available from OSTERMANN as, e.g., ready-made furniture elements. You can design and order them online in the OSTERMANN configuration tool.

Furniture makers will also find all information on the new edgings by typing in the search term „#Highlights04".