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OSTERMANN Furniture Edgings in Nautical Blues

The colour blue stands for relaxation, imagination, and a touch of melancholy. Since Pantone selected a classic blue as "Colour of the Year" two years ago, maritime hues are now one of the top colour trends in furniture design. OSTERMANN provides the matching edgings.

Studies confirm that blue is the most popular colour worldwide. It reminds us of endless skies and the vastness of the open sea. A room in blue is generally considered relaxing and calming; reason enough to implement the colour in diverse furniture making projects. Matching edgings can be found in the OSTERMANN range - the variety is extensive. In the 23 x 2 mm dimension alone, the company offers nearly 80 blue variants.

Machen Sie mal Blau!

To the edging highlights

Fresh Colour for New Furniture

How to Combine Blue

Alpine Lake, Arctic, Atlantic... the names of the edgings alone make you want to plan your next trip! The spectrum of colours ranges from restrained blue-grey to intense ultramarine and maritime ocean and petrol tones. Different blues usually combine well with each other, but you should still consider your choices with care. In a nutshell, what applies to our clothes also goes for our furniture: Within the range of one colour, it is perfectly acceptable to vary and to play with different hues. Put in a slightly lighter or darker tint and a room will automatically appear in another light, giving off that certain "something". If you want to bring together furniture with more divergent shades of blue in one room, it is more recommendable to combine them with light woods or classic white. You need nothing more to perfect the popular Scandinavian living style.

From Minipearl to Excellent Matt

The use of different edging finishes can loosen up even more the display of colours within the blue palette. If your customer likes it classic, take a proven minipearl surface. If you want to give the furniture a more current look, choose the "Excellent Matt" surface. In between, there are numerous gradations, such as the discreet velvet structure or the soft-matt microstructure.

All Edgings Available From Stock

OSTERMANN supplies ABS edgings in standard dimensions of 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 1 or 2 mm, starting at a length of one metre. In addition, these are available in any desired width up to 100 mm upon request. Post-processed edgebands finished with, e.g., hotmelt adhesive coatings, retrofitted T-bars or a functional layer for the application with modern zero bondline technologies are also not a problem. Orders placed before 4 p.m. are sent that same day.

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