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Ostermann Has the New Edgings


Barcelona, Milan, Moscow and Warsaw - under the title "City Vibes", Kronospan presented its new products from the "Trends 20/21" collection. Ostermann provides the edgings matching the new surfaces finishes.

As Kronospan announced, designers and architects from Spain, Italy, Russia and Poland participated in the development of the "Trends 20/21" collection. The 4 cities Barcelona, Milan, Moscow and Warsaw each represent selected urban trends and styles, which can be implemented by applying the new surfaces. Overall, the new collection includes 34 new products in melamine-faced boards, post-formed worktops, worktops with an ABS edging and Slim Line worktops. Most notably, you will find different oak reproductions and material reproductions among the 27 new decors. As usual, Ostermann was in hot pursuit. The matching edgings with dimensions of 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 1 or 2 mm are already available from stock. All edgings are supplied from a length of just 1 metre.

Kronospan-Kollektion „Trends 20/21“

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Numerous New Oak Decors

More than a third of the new products are edgings with an oak look. These are characterised by a host of different colour shades. The colour spectrum ranges from darker shades, as in the Cognac Castello Oak edging, to a warm light brown, to be seen in the edgings Honey Castello Oak and Gold Harbor Oak, and the cutting-edge grey tones of the Greige Castello Oak edging.

Beautiful Material Reproductions

In addition to the above-mentioned decors, the extended Kronospan collection "Trends 20/21" includes many appealing material reproductions. Ostermann supplies matching solutions for the narrow surface, with optics of stone, concrete, rust, iron and charcoal.

One Uni: Soft-Matt Black

Among the novelties of the Slim Line worktop series, one matt black variant poses the only new plain colour of Kronospan's "Trends 20/21". For the production of furniture elements matching this worktop decor, Ostermann offers a black ABS edgings with an "Excellent Matt" finish

For further information on the new edgings, type in the search item „Highlights042020“.