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Ostermann with new technical profiles

Connect, cover, protect, stabilise or decorate - technical profiles from the Ostermann range are extremely versatile and therefore particularly popular. The product group has just been extended once again. 

The term "technical profiles" covers a variety of useful, problem-solving products for everyday workshop applications. They help to combine different elements, protect sensitive furniture parts or elegantly hide cut edges. Furthermore, numerous appealing finishes make technical profiles from Ostermann popular design and decor elements in furniture and interior construction. The extensive range has now once again been extended. All of the mentioned new products are supplied in cut lengths of up to 5000 mm. To save on delivery costs, Ostermann offers cutting on request. 

Ostermann with new technical profiles

New corner protection profiles

The corner protection profile round with T-bar and the chamfered corner protection profile angular with T-bar offer two new possibilities to protect sensitive furniture corners, staircase edges or pillar elements from shocks and impacts. Moreover, the profiles can be used to accentuate corners, highlighting them as a special design element. Both models are available with the surface finish silver-coloured anodised, matt. Additionally, the chamfered variant is offered in stainless steel-coloured, anodised brushed. 

L-profile - new chamfered variant

Following multiple customer requests, and for an even more appealing look, the popular L-profiles with the surface silver-coloured anodised, matt, are now available as a chamfered variant as well. The profile is supplied with exterior dimensions of 21 x 5 mm or 21 x 10 mm, and with a thickness of 1.5 mm. 

Angle profile 135°

Wherever a 90° angle meets a 45° angle, the new angle profile 135° will prove useful. The isosceles profile has en edging length of 21 mm and a width of 1.5 mm. The surface finish is silver-coloured anodised, matt. 

Clamp-fit panel profile - new dimensions

So far, the popular and versatile profile has only been supplied with a thickness of 38 mm. As of now, it is available in board thicknesses of 16, 19 and 28 mm as well. The surface of these variants is silver-coloured anodised, matt as well. 

All novelties at a glance 

Ostermann will soon send out a newly revised "Technical Profiles" workshop poster. On it, you will find the presented new products as well as further popular technical profiles, together with images and technical drawings. This way, you will have a direct view on new ideas and attractive solutions for a variety of mounting situations in your workshop as well. 

All information on the above-mentioned technical profiles can be found when typing in the search item "new profiles"