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Ostermann's variety in grey edgings

The colour grey is one of this year's trend colours. It goes perfectly with restrained pastel colours or gentle, natural shades and matches nearly all wood types. Fortunately, Ostermann provides the carpenter/cabinet maker with a large choice of grey furniture edgings.

The colour grey is timeless and classic. Its balanced composition of white, black and sometimes coloured pigments makes it combinable with almost any colours and wood shades. Particularly the harmonious combination with gentle pastel colours gives it a fine look. Ton-sur-ton colour schemes in furniture give warmth and elegance to a room.

Ostermann's variety in grey edgings

To the edging highlights

To the edging highlights

Between luminous-light and deep dark

Light shades of grey match perfectly with black and white, but can be combined with light pastel colours or light wood shades just as well. The darker the chosen shade of grey, the more important it is to combine it with warm colours or natural materials. In composition with concrete, glass or metal, materials that appear rather cool, you can create the cutting-edge "industrial style".

Ostermann: Diversity in grey

Searching for ABS edgings within the colour range "grey", in the Ostermann online shop, you will get more than 1,200 hits. This huge number results for one thing from the diversity of colours and for another from the availability of different widths, thicknesses, surface finishes and gloss levels. On top of that, there is a great number of variants made of melamine.

Quickly find the matching edgings

Notwithstanding the great variety, Ostermann makes it easy to find the right edgings to your board. Simply type in the name of the board or the board number of the chosen surface into the search field at the starting page of the Ostermann online shop and you will automatically be shown the assortment of matching edgings.

For further information on the grey edgings, type in the search item „Highlights082019“.