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Osterpur adhesive video

Video: REDOCOL Osterpur adhesive video

Click on the play button to watch the new video tutorial on our REDOCOL Osterpur 1-component PU adhesive!


Our recommendations from the video:

Product description

REDOCOL Osterpur is a solvent-free, moisture-curing adhesive for assembly bonding and bonding various shapes. Osterpur has excellent adhesion to metals, such as galvanised or primed steel, anodised aluminium, some stainless steel, as well as thermosets, DKS, PS, GF polyesters, hard PVC , ABS, wood materials and cement-based materials.

Product features

  • 6 months of shelf time when stored in a dry place
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • For both interior and exterior areas
  • Good heat and water resistance