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Real Wood Edgings

Real Wood Edgings - Solutions for Every Project

The material wood convinces both with its natural look and its special feel. Our range comprises real wood edgings in more than 60 wood types and with 12 different surface finishes. Furthermore, you will find thin and thick veneer edgings, cross-grain and end-grain as well as multiplex edgings in top quality.

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Real wood edgings by OSTERMANN

Real wood edgings are available from small quantities and in many different widths. They are supplied in rolls and the reverse side is coated with a bonding agent. The standard roll length is 50 metres.

The Advantages of Real Wood Edgings:

  • High-quality visual design for a natural appearance
  • Ecological material with long lifetime
  • Easy application options
  • Special edging service

In our range, professional tradesmen, joiners, furniture manufacturers and carpenters can choose from a diverse selection of solid wood edgings. Apart from their high quality and numerous possible applications, solid wood edgings are also known for the impressive look. The natural aspect and their easy workability makes solid wood edgings a perfect material for modernising many elements of interiors and for realising the individual wishes of customers.

  • Unique appearance due to rich natural aspect
  • Good price/performance ratio

Within the huge range of edgings, professional craftsmen will find a comprehensive selection of natural grained veneered edgings (real wood) with various properties and from different manufacturers. The diverse product portfolio of OSTERMANN allows professionals to incorporate domestic and exotic woods that are especially attractive due to their natural look and feel. Among the looks available are split wood, wood worm, wave finish and saw-tooth look. As a specialist, we stock high-grade thin, thick and traverse veneer edgings, guaranteeing top quality furniture production and interiors.

  • Unique visual characteristics
  • Convincing pleasing feel
  • Efficient consumption of timber
  • High value creation

In the multiplex edgings section, professionals will find a varied range in different decors and thicknesses. But whether they be thin veneer edgings, thick veneer edgings, aluminium sandwich edgings or original multiplex edgings... what the different variations have in common is their quality, optical appearance and workability. They are all thoroughly convincing products, particularly because of their natural colour and outstanding "feel" qualities. These multiplex edgings are specially prepared to make them easily workable, meaning they are ideal for a diverse range of project requirements. We provide tradesmen with multiplex edgings made from both domestic and exotic woods.

  • Uniquely structured coloration properties and special feel
  • Easy to work
  • Suitable for challenging projects