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Real Wood Edgings

Product Information

The natural wood material has an attractive look and feel. OSTERMANN offers manufacturers an extensive range, from local to exotic woods. We provide you with thin, thick and cross-grain veneer edgings, solid wood, bent wood, end-grain as well as multiplex edgings with the best quality.

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Realwood edgings

All edgings are available with hotmelt adhesive and for all zero bondline technologies upon request. Real wood edgings can also be supplied in small quantities and in a variety of widths.

Veneer edgings: local and exotic wood, 0.5 mm depending on situation; PVAc white glue end-grain edgings, bent wood, multiplex edgings, aluminium sandwich edgings, solid wood edgings.

Depending on UV radiation and wood type, the colour may change over time.

Paintable sanded with 180 grit.

Easily inflammable according to DIN 4102, B3 not self-extinguishing (B1 hardly inflammable, only as a complete component, if LGA tested).

Approx. up to 100 °C, depending on the surface finish.

Different, depending on the surface finish.

Can be burned with wood waste at the required temperature.

  • Natural colour and feel
  • Simple bonding of pre-glued thin veneer edgings with an iron

Tips & Tricks

Real wood edgings should be stored in a tightly sealed plastic bag. They can easily be further treated using stains, oils or paint. For surface damages, OSTERMANN offers a wide range of wood surface correction systems. Thick veneer edgings have a sanded surface. Further sanding is not required. For real wood edgings,  OSTERMANN recommends a glue application of about 200 – 300 g/m².

Processing Instructions

Can be machine-bonded with all common hotmelt adhesives (EVA, PUR, PA, PO). Primer applied at the back of 1 mm and 2 mm thick veneer edgings (0.5 mm with fleece or hotmelt adhesive on reverse side).

Surfaces sanded using 180 grit, thus ready for lacquering.


Different radii possible, depending on wood type and wood moisture.

Depending on the intended surface finish.

Full surface, horizontally. The ideal storage climate is approx. 20 °C air temperature and a relative humidity between 50 % and 60 %. No exposure to UV radiation (sunlight). The max shelf life with hotmelt coating is 6 months.

End grain in bags.

Minor surface damages can be sanded with a sanding block. Surface damages can be repaired with touch-up pens and hard and soft waxes.