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REDOCOL Teclinex One For All

As part of Ostermann's "greenline" products, you will find environmentally friendly products from Ostermann's popular own brand REDOCOL. Due to its environmentally friendly ingredients and large number of applications, the cleaner developed by Ostermann is now carrying the greenline logo.

Teclinex cleaner

REDOCOL Teclinex One For All is a greenline product for two essential reasons: on the one hand, it is made nearly completely of plant-based raw materials and is therefore very sustainable. On the other hand, it helps to reduce the number of cleaners in the workshop and thus reduce the amount of dangerous substances and their logistic costs. Further REDOCOL greenline products are the REDOCOL finish cleaner, based on biological ingredients as well, and the popular edging glue REDOCOL Kantol greenline.

Solvent-free: good for the air - good for the environment

The water-based REDOCOL Kantol greenline requires no chemical solvents. This improves the air quality and is also good for the environment. In workshop applications, solvent-based paints, adhesives and cleaning substances are still an indispensable part, even though, the REDOCOL greenline offers a favourable alternative. By eliminating solvent, the health protection of the user, in particular, is respected.

The most important benefits at a glance

As a sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning agent, Teclinex One For All can be easily stored and safely applied, manually or with a machine. It helps to easily and quickly clean even demanding 3D acrylic edgings, and evaporates quickly. To certify the workplace safety, Teclinex One For All's skin tolerance was tested dermatologically by the research institute Dermatest GmbH and certified as "very good".

All information available in a video as well

All product advantages, as well as information on the numerous applications of Teclinex One For All, can be found in a short application video at the Ostermann video channel OstermannTV as well.