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Sample Service

For years, the sample service of edgings specialist OSTERMANN has been an important service. Product samples help to acquire new customers, support the sales talk and ensure the processor that everything is going to fit perfectly.

The diversity of the edging range is huge. Within the colour palette of "white" edgings alone, there are 160 different edgings in the standard width 23 mm. After all, not all whites are the same! Which edging is better here? For questions like this, carpenters/cabinet makers can rely on the matching of edgings to the surfaces of the board manufacturers in the online shop. However, if you still prefer to have sample edgings, OSTERMANN will be happy to send these.

sample service

Samples provide the certainty that everything will fit

For carpenters/cabinet makers that are not sure if the chosen edging truly fits into a particular installation or lighting situation, OSTERMANN offers the dispatch of single edgings or, if needed, whole sample swatches for a specific colour, decor or manufacturer. These can be requested quickly and easily via telephone. But there is more! OSTERMANN also sends upon request samples of many more products from its range.

A realistic product experience will assist your sale

Brochures with many application pictures help to decide for a style, material and design in advance. But how does the material feel? How will it appear in different lighting situations? Does it match the other materials in question? In the sales process, samples of the original material help to consult a customer and thus help them to make a decision. This way, they can literally capture the material with all their senses.

Feel, smell, touch

No matter if furniture linoleum, RollBeton or RollRost, Sibu designer surfaces, aluminium handles, lighting channels for LED strips or technical profiles. In line with the saying 'What you see is what you get', OSTERMANN sends sample boxes with original samples of the mentioned products. This way, the form, colour and feel of a material can be determined bestand customers can be advised accordingly.