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Explore the features of the Ostermann Online Shop.

Ostermann Shop features 1
  • Your shopping cart is visible on any device and on the app.
  • Your personal contact person with the corresponding contact options can be found on the "My Ostermann" home page.
  • Always keep track of your personal settings.
  • In the order history, you can view your previous orders.
  • The shopping lists can be used as templates for repeat orders.
  • Simply place interesting products on the wish list.
Ostermann Shop features 2
  • The online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • With every order you receive a 2% online discount.
Ostermann Shop features 3
  • Your purchase prices are calculated immediately.
  • The availability of the goods is displayed in real time.
  • In addition to the item description, you will also find matching accessories and downloads with further information.
Ostermann Shop features 4
  • Our joinery hints are the tips and tricks of joiners for joiners.
  • You will find product recommendations and application hints in animated form in the OstermannTV area.
Ostermann Shop features 5
  • Orders can very easily be customised.
  • Enter individual order numbers to directly identify the goods when you receive them.
  • The 2% online discount is deducted directly in the shopping cart.
  • Check out our monthly promotions and newsletter.
  • Using coupon codes, you can make additional savings - simply cash them in in the shopping cart.
  • For a quicker ordering process, add items directly to the shopping cart via the item number.
  • Export items, i.e. from your Merchandise Management System or an Excel table in CSV format and upload them easily.
  • Create PDF documents of your shopping carts.
Ostermann Shop features 6
  • Use the various payment options, account, PayPal and credit card.
  • Want to receive delivery directly on-site? Simply enter a different delivery address.


All these features can also be found in the Ostermann app.

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