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T-bar knock in edgings

T-bar knock in edgings made from robust plastic or aluminium

Shock and impact-proof T-bar edgings for outstanding furniture pieces

As a professional wholesaler of carpentry, woodworking and joinery supplies, Ostermann Uk Ltd has set itself the target of providing tradesmen, carpenters and joiners with all kinds of high-grade, quality products for their projects. In order to continuously increase the high level of satisfaction among our customers, Ostermann UK Ltd looks to maintain a broad product range that constantly grows with the innovations within the industry and the company itself. With more than 12,000 edgings and profiles in stock, Ostermann is the leading wholesaler in Europe.

This large range also provides professional tradesmen with various T-bar knock in edgings, which, thanks to their special design, mean they are very easily workable. The T-bar knock in edging is provisionally fixed in place with the T-bar which is fitted on the reverse side of the edging. So T-bar knock in edgings provide the craftsman with an outstanding benefit when applying edgings by hand. They provide an effective solution particularly in the production of contoured shaped parts.

The various benefits of T-bar edgings:

  • Easy to work and assemble
  • Good protective effect
  • Highly shock and impact-resistant
  • Large variety of colours

Ostermann supplies T-bar knock in edgings of various types, such as plastic and aluminium. The Metall, Standard, Parat, Compact, Ideal, Ergosoft, Classic, Elipse and Tablo varieties are just a few of the many types of T-bar edgings available. Depending on the particular characteristics, T-bar edgings form a visual and haptic contrast to the furniture material applied. This enables them to create unique eye-catching features in furniture production and interiors. Ostermann is able to supply edgings with a T-bar retrospectively fitted to all 2 mm thick ABS edgings from the huge range in stock.

To prevent the high-grade look of the T-bar edgings from becoming damaged, these are delivered wrapped in a protective film. Ostermann's edging service also includes rapid service times as well as the delivery of even the smallest quantities. What's more, also delivers edgings in every length from 1 m, in every width up to 100 mm and in a range of thicknesses.