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The New Edgings Are Already Available at OSTERMANN


Egger Has Just Launched its New Decorative Collection 2020-22. Thanks to the good cooperation with Egger, edgings specialist OSTERMANN was informed beforehand of the new products and has the matching edgings in stock right on time to coincide with the launch.

At the EuroShop 2020 fair, which took place in Düsseldorf, Germany in February, the collection as a whole was presented to the public for the first time. The 229 Eurodekor, 24 PerfectSense and 69 worktop decors from the collection include an approximate 30% of new products. You will find plain colours as well as many wood and material reproductions. The collection is divided into six different decor worlds: from Modern Classic to Future Retro, Black Options, Coloured Monochrome and Metal Fusion as well as Matt Emotions. The uni section offers a wide range of taupe and grey shades. The wood decors are customarily dominated by oak designs, followed by softwoods in natural colours or bright and dark variations. A highlight among the wood decors are vintage finishes. OSTERMANN particularly recommends the matt PerfectSense surfaces which, apart from plain colour versions, include four marble or stone reproductions.

Egger Decorative Collection 2020-22

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Edgings to the New Egger Collection

Due to the good cooperation between the two companies, OSTERMANN was informed of the new products beforehand and could therefore start matching the edgings accordingly as early as last autumn. This way, the industry has access to the matching edgings from the OSTERMANN range right on schedule with the distribution of the first boards. As a highlight among the edgings, the OSTERMANN experts recommend Santa Fe Oak Vintage, a vivid used look oak decor, the new ABS edging Steelbrush cubanit and of course the new White Levanto Marble edging, coming across in a cutting-edge white marble look.

For further information on the new edgings, type in the search item „highlights032020“.