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TPU Zero Bondline Edgings

New Solution for Invisible Bondlines

With the TPU zero bondline edging, OSTERMANN is offering the carpenter/cabinet maker a new solution for high end furniture design. The edgings are available in different versions, particularly made for the respective processing with modern laser, hot air or near infrared (NIR) technology.

Teaser TPU zero bondline

For many years, OSTERMANN has been offering the established Laser, Airtec and Infratec edgings for the processing of optical zero bondlines, which are made to match the respective machine technology. Permanent tests guarantee the high quality of our products and the zero bondline edgings are continuously further developed. The TPU zero bondline edging is the result of such a product development.

Advantages of the New TPU Zero Bondline Edging

  • extremely hard joint
  • optimum processing and perfect joint quality
  • excellent properties for extended use
  • extremely strong bond
  • high water and heat resistance
  • for furniture manufacturing at the highest level

The functional layer of the new edging is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), i.e. of 100 % plastic. This leads to a hard, yet permanently elastic joint with a strong bond. The functional layer cures quickly, which prevents smearing at the units during post-processing, even at high feed speeds. The bondline does not shrink when drying out. Due to the hardness of the functional layer the joint will not deteriorate over the longer term. This leads to excellent properties for the extended use of the finished workpiece. Numerous in-house tests have shown the high water resistance. Moreover, a heat resistance of up to 150° C is achieved.

TPU for Different Machine Technologies

TPU for laser technology

TPU Laser

for processing with modern laser technology

TPU for Airtec technology

TPU Airtec

for processing with modern hot air technology

TPU for near infrared technology

TPU Infratec

for processing with near infrared (NIR) technology

The established OSTERMANN Laser, Airtec and Infratec edgings are obviously still available from the experts in edgings. In addition to this assortment, there are as of now the even more exquisite TPU Laser, TPU Airtec and TPU Infratec edgings for innovative, high end furniture making.

Production from 1 Roll Within 4 Working Days

OSTERMANN considers itself as an expert for small delivery quantities, and delivers all available zero bondline edgings from 1 roll. These edgings are ready for dispatch in 4 working days or less, because the one thing that tradespeople repeatedly need, is speed.