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Trend Edgings in Autumn Colours

Chestnuts, colourful leaves, a crackling fireplace, and the pumpkin on the doorstep... These are the images we like to associate with an "autumn" theme. The OSTERMANN experts give tips on how ABS edgings can be used to evoke the cosy atmosphere in interior design.

Autumn is colourful. In its own unique way, with warm brown, red and ochre tones. When hit by the soft light of the shortening days these colours glow in a very special way. The result is a distinctive, pleasant flair that fits well into our interiors. To make the choice of materials easier for furniture makers implementing the style, the OSTERMANN experts have selected seven different edgings that excellently reflect the autumnal atmosphere and which can also be combined well with each other: warm earth tones, dark wood and material reproductions in textile and rust looks.

Trend Edgings in Autumn Colours


Trend Edgings in Autumn Colours

Warm Plain Colours for Colourful Inspiration

The softly shimmering, light tone of the ABS edging Toffee super matt reflects the luminosity of yellow-orange foliage. Combine it with the light brown of the ABS edging Deep Sahara super matt or the slightly darker and reddish brown of the Rosso Namib ABS edging , and you will achieve a charming and cosy atmosphere. If your customers want to go darker, choose the ABS edging Sepia brown with its elegant velvet structure. All mentioned edgings can be combined well with each other, or optionally with decor edgings.

These Decor Edgings Are a Perfect Fit

If you prefer wood decors, choose the ABS edging Sulawesi macassar brown. The lively ebony decor with its characteristic longitudinal grain completes the colourful splendour of a bright autumn forest. Alternatively, the material reproductions on the two ABS edgings Curio - a rustic textile decor - or Bronze Dore - a modern rust decor - go equally well with the presented plain colours.

Important: Do Not Store Boards and Edgings Too Cold

When the days get shorter and the nights cooler, it is essential to think of sufficient time to acclimatise boards and edgings. If they come directly from the lorry or from unheated rooms, the materials must be stored at room temperature for at least 24 hours before processing. Otherwise, the open time of the adhesive will be compromised and the hotmelt adhesive will not establish a sufficient bond..

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