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Varnishable Edgings

Their jointless look makes lacquer finishes a particularly sophisticated type of design. However, the production of lacquer surfaces is time-consuming; especially the cut edges of wooden boards require quite a lot of work. Without preparation, the substrate will quickly absorb much of the paint, leading to the dreaded orange peel effect. The use of varnishable edgings can therefore save you much time before painting a board. Ostermann offers a range of different solutions.

As a Basic Principle: Always Carry Out a Test Coating!

Unwanted chemical reactions might appear even on varnishable edgings due to the great variety of lacquers and paint systems and the solvents used therein. That is why you should consider your choice of edging carefully and thoroughly test it. Ostermann's experts recommend to make a test coating in compliance with the appropriate drying times a matter of principle.

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varnishable edgings

OSTERMANN supplies edgings in any width up to 100 mm and in different thicknesses.

Varnishable Melamine Edgings

Varnishable edgings made of melamine are the most favourable option to close cut edges before applying paint. They are composed of paper impregnated with melamine resins. Ostermann offers different colours, thicknesses, and widths. The varnishable melamine edgings ABS edging MDF Brown and ABS edging MDF Black look like MDF and thus visually equal the surface finish of the MDF board to be lacquered. If you want to use a white varnishable edging, you can choose between a single layer variant with a thickness of 0.3 or 0.5 mm and a multilayer edging with a thickness of 0.9 mm.

Varnishable ABS Edgings

ABS varnishable edgings are supplied in different colours and thicknesses, and in every width up to 100 mm. The brown variant with an MDF look is best suited for uncoated MDF boards; the white ABS varnishable edging is meant for board materials with a white lining foil. The ABS edgings varnishable, primed on both sides, are especially versatile. A primer coating applied to the surface provides improved adherence. The edgings are therefore easily paintable - even with paints with poor adhesion, e.g. based on water. ABS edgings with primer on both sides are available in black and in white. Note: the edgings must not be sanded or treated with solvents before applying lacquer. Otherwise, the primer will lose its adhesive properties necessary for painting.

Varnishable Exwood Edgings

Varnishable Exwood edgings are based on a mixture of wood fibres and polypropylene (PP). Particularly advantageous: they react in the same way as the board to changes in climatic conditions. This is why they are suited for workpieces which will later be exposed to considerable heat from direct sunlight or lamps. In practice, this means that the edgings do not shrink even under the influence of higher temperatures. No gaps appear. Varnishable Exwood edgings are face-flamed and primed, leaving them suitable for commercial coating systems. They must not be sanded or treated with solvents either, as the lacquer will not stick.