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Varnishable Edgings

Their high-quality, jointless look makes lacquer finishes a particularly sophisticated type of surface design. To prepare chipboard before painting, by covering open cut edges with furniture edgings, we offer you varnishable edgings in many different dimensions and materials. Please note that varnishable edgings must never be pre-sanded. Due to the variety of coating systems used by different manufacturers, initial test paints in compliance with the according drying times are always necessary.

All mentioned varnishable edgings should not be sanded

Due to the different lacquering units available, initial test runs respecting the curing times indicated by the manufacturers are always necessary.

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varnishable edgings

OSTERMANN supplies edgings in any width up to 100 mm and in different thicknesses.

ABS Varnishable Edgings

ABS varnishable edgings are thermoplastic edgings and suitable for many paint systems. Varnishable ABS edgings primed on both sides are especially versatile and can be used with water-based paints.

ATTENTION: by sanding or cleaning with solvent, the primer will lose its adhesive properties necessary for painting.

Varnishable Exwood Edgings

varnishable edgings are based on a mixture of wood fibres and polypropylene (PP). Their particular advantage is to react to changes in climatic conditions in the same way as the board, which means even under excessive heat the edge does not shrink. this means that the edging does not shrink even under the influence of excessive heat (e.g. direct sunlight or lamps) the edge does not shrink. No gaps appear. Varnishable Exwood edgings are face-flamed and primed leaving them suitable for commercial coating systems. Attention: by sanding or cleaning with solvent, the primer will lose its adhesive properties necessary for painting.

Varnishable Melamine Edgings

varnishable edgings are composed of a paper impregnated with melamine resins and they don‘t have a finish surface.