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Veneer edgings from Ostermann


Veneer edgings convince with their extraordinary naturalness and protect valuable resources at the same time. As a specialist, Ostermann stocks thin and thick veneer, gross-grain as well as end-grain edgings in a great number of different wood types and with different surfaces in superior quality.

Veneer surfaces are currently experiencing a small renaissance. More and more frequently you see representative rooms, decorated with elaborate veneer surfaces. Furthermore, the current living trend "new cosiness" certainly contributes to the fact that real wood surfaces are increasingly attracting interest. So it's a good thing that Ostermann provides a great choice of appealing edgings for this extraordinary material.

Veneer edgings

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Edging highlight

From A, for Acacia, to Z for Zebrano

No matter if hardwood or softwood - at Ostermann, you will find veneer edgings in almost 40 different types of wood. The standard widths are 24, 33 and 43 mm. Some edgings can be supplied in further widths. The standard roll length is 50 metres.

Oak in 7 different finish variants

Oak is still particularly popular in furniture construction. It is not without reason that Ostermann provides edgings made of this popular type of wood with 7 different surface finishes. Particular eye-catchers among them are with no doubt the oak veneer edgings in splitwood, wormwood, wave and sawn look. The "wood veneer end-grain edging oak" is another special, appealing decor variant from the range.

Many different thicknesses

Most veneer edgings are available both as thin veneer with a thickness of 0.5 mm or as thick veneer with a thickness of 1 or 2 mm. Chosen edgings are available as a 3 mm variant as well. Thick veneer edgings from Ostermann are made by bonding multiple-layer veneer leafs. Thin veneer consists of a single layer of veneer and is strengthened by a nonwoven at the reverse side or directly supplied with a coating of hotmelt adhesive.

Top quality and processing reliability

All veneer edgings are finger-jointed, sanded and paintable. Furthermore, thick veneer edgings are primed at the reverse side. The latter offers a greater time frame for processing and thus additional processing security.

Ostermann Tip

Veneer edgings should always be stored horizontally, with full-surface contact, preferably in a closed plastic bag, to prevent them from drying out too fast. Further processing, like pickling, oiling or painting, does not pose any problem.

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