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Wood Veneer Trends on Edgings

Individual processing transforms wood veneer edgings into unique items. The OSTERMANN range of real wood edgings offers carpenters/cabinet makers plenty of material for their designs. In addition to oak, popular wood types include mahogany, teak and walnut.

Wood veneer edgings excel in terms of sustainability and provide unique flexibility in the final design of the surface. Gloss varnish, matt varnish, oil or wax... everything is possible. The beauty of the material is brought out to perfection by a special handcrafted finish which transforms wood veneer and real wood edgings into unique and impressive items. At OSTERMANN, tradesmen looking for wood veneer edgings can find over 60 different types of wood in many different widths and thicknesses, as well as different surface finishes. Those looking for their personal favourite veneer should take a look at the edging specialist's online shop. All variants are displayed here along with pictures.

Trendstarke Furnierkanten bei OSTERMANN


Wood Veneer Trends on Edgings at OSTERMANN

Dark Woods Are Back in Style

After a long hiatus during which light wood dominated the furniture world, darker tones are now back in style. No wonder, because the dark beauties go well with contemporary matt plain colours such as dark greens, blues and reds. Mahogany and walnut wood are highly sought after. In particular, the grain of mahogany wood can be attractively accentuated by staining with oils or waxes. The slightly reddish teak wood is also popular. If you are looking for something special, you should also take a look at veneer edgings in acacia (robinia), wenge or Makassar.

Variety of Widths and Thicknesses

OSTERMANN supplies real wood edgings in a range of widths between 16 and 55 mm for different applications and boards. Wood veneer edgings are often available in four thicknesses (1, 2, 3 mm and as thin veneer with a thickness of 0.5 mm).


We also supply matching accessories for processing wood veneer edgings. From hotmelt adhesive for edging with machines to REDOCOL greenline Kantol edging glue for manual bonding. Hard and soft wax sticks are also available in a variety of wood colours to repair damaged surface finishes on veneered boards or veneer edgings.

Furniture makers will also find all information on the new edgings by typing in the search term „#Highlights05".