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ABS Edgings to the New Pfleiderer Collection

With the start of the year, the Pfleiderer "Design Collection 2021-2024" is being launched. It is under the motto "make your visions work" and comprises a total of 284 colours and decors, including 66 new products. Right on schedule with the distribution of the boards, OSTERMANN provides the matching ABS edgings.

Following the slogan "Make Your Visions Work", all designs can be combined flexibly, and new compositions created, thanks to Pfleiderer's DST system for decors, textures and core materials. All of the 284 colours and decors are available as HPL, 139 of them also as a direct faced DecoBoard from the stock and fast delivery programme. Since the beginning of the year, OSTERMANN has the matching ABS edgings in stock to help craftsmen implement their visions for furniture and rooms and endow their workpieces with the right edging decor.

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To the edging highlights

To the edging highlights

Matching Edgings from 1 Metre

OSTERMANN supplies the new edgings from stock, in small amounts from only 1 metre, and in standard dimensions of 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 1 or 2 mm. To implement the look and feel of the plain surface finishes at the edging, the edging specialist has launched a new structure for a perfect surface finish. Edgings with the new „microstructure“ have a matt look and a soft texture.

New: Matt Plain Decors

About half of the new Pfleiderer collection consists of plain colours. More than 100 different colourful uni shades cover the spectrum of colours in even gradations. Besides classical intensive colours, you will find an increased number of smooth pastels and taupe shades. The range of neutral plain colours is quite extensive, too. It includes more than 40 colour variants - from Icy White to Graphite Black. All plain-coloured boards - whether chromatic or neutral - are fully available with a sand pearl structure (SD) for the first time. It is a matt, filigree texture which gives the colours an elegant new look.

Striking Material and Wood Reproductions

According to OSTERMANN's experts, the more than 50 material reproductions in metal, concrete, textile and stone look or with graphic patterns include some real eye-catchers again, such as the ripped surface finish „Solidale“ or the „Patchwork“ pattern. There are in addition more than 80 wood decors, categorised by Pfleiderer into Nordic, natural, dark and reddish woods as well as waste wood decors and woods with black and white effects. Aged woods with strong grains and signs of weathering are conspicuously well represented, with a total of 17 variants.

Carpenters/cabinet makers can find all information on the new edgings by typing in the search item „#Highlights01“.