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You will need the following products for processing the selected article:
OSTERMANN – Wholesaler for the carpentry and furniture industry
ABS Edgings
Melamine Edgings
Real Wood Edgings
Aluminium Edgings
PP Edgings
T-Bar Edgings
Clamp-fit Edgings
Acrylic Edgings
Varnishable Edgings
PVC Edgings
Hotmelt Adhesives
Furniture Luminaires
Recessed Handles and Flush Handles
Handleless Systems
Staircase and Balustrade Systems
Furniture Linoleum
Sibu Design Boards
Decors in Rolls
Technical Profiles
Carcass Connection
Universal Fastening Systems für Furniture
Angle and Flat Connectors
Plinth Systems
Furniture Roller Shutters
Castors and Trolleys
Furniture Feet
Table Fittings
Office Management
Waste Separation Systems
Midway Systems
Wall Sealing Profiles
Plinth Panels
Furniture Luminaires
Shelving Systems
Edge Processing and Edging Storage
Hand Tools
Ergonomic Tools and Aids
Polishing and Abrasives
Work Safety
Processing Technology
Cleaners, Release Agents and Lubricants
Surface Correction
Backing Foils and Lining Foils


The OSTERMANN-App offers all the features of the popular OSTERMANN Online Shop and is also an effective tool in simplifying the ordering process.

  • Access to the entire product catalogue
  • Cross reference list
  • Management of orders and shopping carts
  • QR code scanner
  • Available for Android and iOS


The OSTERMANN-App in the Google Play Store:
Click here or scan the QR code.

OSTERMANN App im Google Play store - QR Code Scannen

The OSTERMANN-App in the Apple iTunes Store:
Click here or scan the QR code.

OSTERMANN App im Google Play store - QR Code Scannen

More information

It is hard to imagine a tradesman working without mobile devices. Ordering edges, fittings or workshop furniture supplies on the construction site or presenting a variety of edges, furniture handles, technical profiles or, for example, LED lighting ducts from the wide OSTERMANN range directly to the customer is no problem with the OSTERMANN-App!

The joiner can always and everywhere provide the customer with custom solutions and always has access to the OSTERMANN range. Since the app has the same features as the OSTERMANN Online Shop, the regular services are also available here. But the app is more than just the mobile version of the OSTERMANN Online Shop.

Using the app, the ordering process is faster and easier

With the help of the app, QR codes can be requested for products that are regularly ordered from OSTERMANN. This can be done very easily, either via the app and the shop’s shopping list or by making a short call to OSTERMANN. The QR codes created by OSTERMANN can then be lodged, i.e. in the office or directly at the appropriate storage location.

If any material is needed, all you have to do is to capture the corresponding QR code with the QR reader that is integrated into the app. The item is then in the shopping cart and can be immediately ordered via the app. At the same time, it is of course also possible to send the shopping cart which you have filled, using the app through the OSTERMANN Online Shop.