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Assembly without tools with the Lamello P-System

Lamello P-System

Advantages of the Lamello P-System connecting fittings

The connecting fittings of the P-System offer a variety of distinctive features for processing. The assembly is easy, as the connectors do not need to be screwed in or glued, but only pushed into the pre-milled groove. The Lamello P-System guarantees stable connections, without the need of screws or adhesive. Due to an extensive, form-locking anchorage of the connectors in the groove, it is guaranteed that the components are strongly connected. Moreover, there is a certain lateral tolerance, which enables the carpenter/cabinet maker to position the workpieces ideally, so that they are perfectly flush. Despite the low milling depth of about 10 mm, the P-System connectors ensure a maximum tensile strength. Furthermore, the positioning pins prevent twisting. No further dowels are needed.

Lamello Clamex P

Lamello Tenso P

Lamello Divario P

Lamello Clamex P

Lamello Clamex P

Fast installation

Sliding insertion instead of screwing or gluing.


Form-locking anchorage across large surface areas

Lateral tolerance

Perfect, flush alignment of both workpieces

Shallow depth

Minimal cutting depth with maximum tensile strength

No twisting

The positioning pins prevent twisting without additional dowels

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Application of the P-System

Profile groove cutter Zeta P2To apply the P-System, a special groove with an undercut has to be milled. Depending on the desired functions, the relevant connectors can be inserted. The meshing undercut ensures a stable anchorage. For the preparation of the groove, a special biscuit cutter is inserted in maximum depth and afterwards slid sidewards. We recommend to use the Lamello groove cutter Zeta P2.

Movement of the milling head

Product overview of the Lamello P-System

Please choose a video from the table below. Click on "Play" to start the video.

Lamello Clamex P

Lamello Tenso P

Lamello Divario P

Detachable furniture connector

Self-clamping connector as gluing aid, for all angles

Self-clamping, invisible connector for slide insertion

Application videos
Clamex P connectors

  • Connecting: Clamex P-10
  • 45° Corner connection: Clamex P-14
  • 90° Corner connection: Clamex P-14
  • Connecting: Clamex P Medius

Application videos
Tenso P connectors

  • Joining: Tenso P-14
  • Faster glueing: Tenso P-14
  • Advantages: Tenso P-10

Application videos
Divario P connectors

  • Verbinden: Divario P-18
  • Einbau: Divario P-18 per Zeta P2
  • Divario P-18: Komplett verdeckt
  • Einbau Divario P-18: Reihenlochbohrung

Further information on the Lamello P-System connecting fittings