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Basic Knowledge- Hotmelt Adhesives


1. How do I find the perfect adhesive for my edgebanding machine?

The right adhesive for each edgebanding machine depends on the manufacturer's specifications, and on the machine's feed rate. For example, glue cartridges can be used on machines with cartridge systems, such as Holz-Her machines. Glue pellets are required for other edgebanding machines. Choosing the right pellets depends on the machine's feed rate.

2. What does filled / unfilled mean?

Customers can choose between filled and unfilled adhesives when it comes to EVA hotmelt adhesives. Filled adhesives contain the pure adhesive resin, as well as fillers, such as chalk, which influence processing properties, and, for example, prevent strands of glue forming at lower feed rates. Unfilled hotmelt adhesives are comparatively lighter, as they consist of pure resin. They can be applied more thinly, and produce a thinner joint when optimally configured. A specific feed speed is required, however, in order to use unfilled EVA adhesives.

Special tip: lightly filled EVA hotmelt adhesives have excellent machining properties, and enable precise, strand-free hotmelt application.

3. Can I use cartridges instead of hotmelt adhesive granules ?

OSTERMANN supplies EVA and PUR hotmelt adhesives in various colours, both as granules or in cartridge form. Depending on the manufacturer and type of machine either hotmelt adhesive granules or cartridges can be used in an edge banding machine. If granules are not available it is also sometimes possible to use a cartridge in the melt pot. It is not possible though to use granules in a cartridge slot.

Special Tip: for cleaning the Holz-Her edge banding machine, OSTERMANN can also supply the appropriate PUR flushing agent in cartridges. Regularly cleaning the nozzles reduces the risk of the nozzles becoming blocked.

4. Which adhesive do I use with feed speeds of 10 m/min and over?

OSTERMANN offers the following filled pellets for edgebanding machines with a feed speed of 10 m/min and over: REDOCOL Kantomelt, Henkel Technomelt Dorus KS 217, Jowatherm 280.50/51 or Rakoll K4/570. The available unfilled variants are REDOCOL hotmelt adhesive unfilled, Henkel Technomelt Dorus KS351 and Jowatherm 280.30/31. Cartridges with filled adhesives are REDOCOL Kantomelt HP, Henkel Technomelt HKP 25, Jowatherm 286.60/61/63 and Rakoll K 650P/2. Henkel makes Technomelt HKP20 and Jowatherm 286.30 as unfilled hotmelt adhesive variations.

5. Which adhesive do I use with a mobile edgebanding machine?

Mobile edgebanding machines operate at a feed rate of 3 to 9 metres/minute. Henkel Technomelt KS224/2 is available as a filled hotmelt adhesive, and Jowatherm 282.40 as an unfilled version.


6. Which adhesive do I use for my machining centre (MC)?

For filled versions, use Rakoll Supermelt Professional or Jowatherm 280.50/51 at your machining centre. Henkel Technomelt Dorus KS 351 and Jowatherm 280.10 are available as unfilled options.


7. What is the ideal processing temperature for my adhesive?

For fixed edgebanding machines and machining centres, the ideal processing temperature for hotmelt adhesives is 190-210°C. For mobile edge processing, the temperature is a lot lower, at 120-150°C.

8. Which adhesive do I use if the bond needs to be extremely watertight?

extremely watertightIf a join needs to be particularly heat-resistant or waterproof, the OSTERMANN experts recommend using PUR hotmelt adhesive. You need to ensure beforehand, however, that the edgebanding machine is compatible with PUR hotmelt adhesives. PUR cartridges include REDOCOL Kantomelt HP PUR, REDOCOL Kantomelt PUR Block, Henkel Technomelt HKP 26/27, Jowatherm Reaktant 607.40/41 (filled), or Jowatherm Reaktant 607.30/31 (unfilled). PUR granules are available as REDOCOL Kantomelt PUR, Henkel Technomelt PUR 270/7G or Jowatherm Reaktant 607.40/41. At 100-150°C, the ideal processing temperature for PUR hotmelt adhesives is well below that applicable to EVA hotmelt adhesives. It is also important to ensure gluepots and machines are cleaned after using PUR hotmelt adhesives. This involves always cleaning the edgebanding machine - unless it is due to be used the next day - with a corresponding PUR cleaning agent) after using PUR hotmelt.