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Cabineo - The carcass connector from Lamello

Lamello Cabineo is a one-piece connector that is installed into a drilled or routed shape. In comparison with standard cam connectors, Cabineo allows more efficient processing and a faster assembly. Moreover, it has a high clamping force without the need of additional wooden dowels.


Lamello Cabineo

Processing of the Cabineo connectors

The processing of Cabineo carcass connectors is very easy. Simply push the Cabineo connector into the drilled or routed shape on the surface of the panel and screw the pre-mounted screw of the connector into the drilled hole of the side panel. In a last step, apply the cover caps for Cabineos, which are available in different colours, in order to obtain a perfect look.

Advantages of the Lamello Cabineo connectors

CabineoAn advantage of Lamello Cabineo connectors is that there is no need for time-consuming dowel hole drilling or edge drilling, which makes processing much easier. Only one tool change from a 5 mm to a 15 mm drill is necessary, and the Lamello Cabineo is perfectly suited to be processed with CNC machines as well.


The carcasses can be comfortably pre-installed with the connector and stored in the workshop before being sent to their destination as a Flat-Pack delivery. Contrary to standard cam connecting fittings, the single components can still be stacked once the Cabineos have been installed. Furthermore, no fitting bags are needed. The final assembly at the end destination is quickly and easily done with a cordless screwdriver, saving space, time and, consequently, money.


Due to the quick mounting and the detachable connectors, the position of already installed shelves can easily be changed and further shelves can be added. Later changes to the completed carcasses do not pose a problem.


With approximately 900 N, the Cabineo connecting fittings have a high tension force. They are available with screws in lenghts of 8 and 12 mm. For visual distinction, the pre-mounted screw of Cabineo 8 is painted black and that of Cabineo 12 is nickel-plated. Due to the small length of the screws, the Cabineos can be used in panels with a thickness from 12 mm.

The Cabineo connectors guarantee easy, fast and above all strong connections. Thanks to Lamello Cabineo, the days when carpenters/cabinet makers had to decide between a minimal use of resources and a maximum of functionality are over.

Teaser Cabineo Black

Cabineo black: carcass connector in black

Black carcass connector: the Cabineo black!

Since October, Lamello’s carcass connector is available in black as well. The black plastic housing is suited for an unobtrusive mounting in dark materials. Matching new cover caps in metal look provide an elegant design. Whether silver, nickel or steel look: the colour can simply be matched to the fittings by choosing from the new assortment of Cabineo cover caps.

Cabineo product overview

Further information on Lamello Cabineo connectors