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Gluing and cleaning - cleaning and gluing

Gluing and cleaning - cleaning and gluing. In furniture-making, shop fitting, trade fair and interior design, both steps are closely connected. OSTERMANN‘s numerous carpenters/cabinet-makers are not only experienced in the area of adhesives, but have also gained extraordinary expertise in the matter of „cleaners“. They know what‘s important in practice. With Teclinex One For All, they have even developed a cleaner on their own that is exactly meeting the requirements of tradespeople.

The right product for each cleaning process

Whether for the final cleaning of a finished piece of furniture or the different cleaning components of the edgebanding machine - OSTERMANN has the perfect products for any application.

All cleaning processes during the manufacturing process. The manual surface cleaning includes for example the removing of glue residues, pencil strokes or felt-tip lines, and more.

The right product:


All processes during and after mechanical edge processing as well as surface cleaning of the board at the edgebanding machine.

edgebanding machine

The right product:

Cleaning of machine units or other workshop facilities. For example cleaning of transport tracks on the edgebanding machine.

The right product:


Final cleaning of the finished workpiece at the customer‘s.

The right product:


What has to be considered for further processing of cleaned surfaces?

If further processing of a furniture surface, for example by lacquering it or by applying sticky tape, is planned, it is vital that the cleaner evaporates quickly and without leaving residue. As soon as the cleaner has been dried out completely and without leaving any residues, further processing does not pose any problems.

How the antistatic effect protects against quick soiling…

Cleaners with antistatic effect protect the surface from quickly soiling again and spare you from repeated cleaning of furniture surfaces. They are therefore particularly good for final cleaning. A thin, transparent film reduces the conductivity of the surface and thus avoids the attraction of dust and dirt.

Video: REDOCOL Teclinex One For All Cleaner

Click on the play button to watch our video tutorial on REDOCOL Teclinex One For All

Accessories for cleaners:

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