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Clever Ideas for Small Kitchens

Prices for urban living spaces are permanently increasing, while the number of single-person households is on the rise. Not least because of this, general demand for small apartments is growing and so will the demand for affordable kitchen solutions that offer a maximum of comfort in a minimum of space. A challenge for which we would like to offer you some useful suggestions based on our example kitchen.

small kitchen
046.8531. ABS edging Indian Oak red wood pore
045.9753. ABS edging Terrazzo Classico black smooth
Plinth panels Fenix NTM decor 0720 Nero Ingo
Aluminium lighting profile Sub Line 3, mounting profile
Design handle Felicitas, Colour black
Knob Christiane, Colour black

What is the most important thing in the kitchen of a small apartment? That was the first question we asked ourselves to approach our new task. "Sufficient space on the worktop!", "No, it's storage space!", "Optics are important - how the kitchen integrates into the room!". Each of us had their own answer. To sum up: everything is important!

"Make Your Visions Work"

Pfleiderer decor Terrazzo Classico blackThe worktop with its new Pfleiderer decor Terrazzo Classico black is combined with a black sink unit and a matching tap, creating a contemporary look.
On the dining table, you will find another new decor - Indian Oak red - from the group of natural woods with our edging 046.8531. Indian Oak red.
For a first impression of the new plain colours, we chose the horizon decor as an example and applied it to the fronts of the modern sideboard, along with our matching edging 04S.5173. Horizon.

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edging 046.8531. Indian Oak red/ 04S.5173. Horizon

Sub LineWhether you want to make a sandwich, clean vegetables or cook something on the stove ... You can never have enough light on the worktop. With our Sub Line 3 mounting profiles, we attach an additional light source to the underneath of the large wall units. When the work is done, the indirect light still illuminates the kitchen nicely, turning it into an attractive element within the room concept.

Our range was just extended with new handle solutions, many of which belong to our segment of design handles. We have built in two of these new design handles here in our small kitchen. For the sash bar doors in the upper cabinets, we deliberately went for a rather small handle variant and chose our furniture knob Christiane. At the doors beneath the worktop, you can find our new design handle Felicitas. It picks up the colour scheme of the upper cabinets while also offering some relief in the otherwise rather unobtrusive design of the kitchen unit.

New handles


Matching the cutting-edge, super matt fronts, we have in our range new plinth panels with Fenix NTM finish. There is a black and a white variant - 0720 Nero Ingo and 0032 Bianco Kos - each in heights of 80, 100, 120 and 150 mm. Additional components available are corner profiles, outer and inner corners (90° and 135°) and matching end caps.

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plinth panel

For a particularly quick and easy installation, have a look at our new REDOCOL plinth leg holders. Thanks to an integrated magnetic adapter, the plinth panels can be mounted by simply holding them against the magnet. They have a strong hold and can be dismantled easily - for example to clean - by pulling them from the plinth legs.

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