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e-Desk: Ergonomic Workstation

This is How You Can Adapt Your Desktop Workspaces

A few years back, we were sitting in front of big folders and bulky computers at an even bigger and bulkier desk. Now, thanks to wireless networks and mobile devices, we need much less space at our desk. Instead, there are new requisitions: ergonomics and cosiness come to the fore. Use the increasing demand for ergonomically designed workspaces as chance to enhance your customer group with a great number of target groups.

Ergonomic Workspaces

with Design & Ergonomics

Living and working environments are closing ranks, now that more and more people are working flexibly from home. Not everyone, however, has enough space for a fully equipped office within their own apartment. Often enough, the dining table or coffee table is quickly repurposed to serve as a desk. That might be good short-term solution, but it will become strenuous in the long run - not only for your health. By using it as an office desk, the table is no longer available as a living and design element. As a specialist for individual furniture design, you are the ideal contact for customers seeking an ergonomic but still visually appealing solution for the workstation in their living room.

Height-adjustable desk in the living room

Goodbye dining table. Ergonomic workspaces for the home office.

Today, height-adjustable desks are increasingly used in modern office furniture construction. Why not use them in the home office as well? Our height-adjustable table frame REDOCOL e-Desk eco offers just the right solution. REDOCOL e-Desk eco is available in four colours, giving you the opportunity to adjust it to your customers' respective interior style. Combined with a tabletop that matches the rest of the furnishings, you can offer your customers a both homely and ergonomic solution.

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Sought & Found: a workstation that matches the furnishing ...

For our example, we chose a table frame with the surface finish RAL 9005 jet black to match the black furniture elements in the room. For the tabletop, the same soft, but sturdy Desktop Linoleum in the colour pistachio was used that had been applied to the fronts of the sideboard before. This way, the desk does not look like a later addition interrupting an otherwise harmonious room design, but fits in perfectly and adds to a nice overall impression. For an optimised use of space, the worktop is not as deep as on classic desks. For laptop, tablet & co., the space is usually more than enough.

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Sit for a While - Stand for a While

Long periods of sitting and a monotonous posture in front of the computer are anything but healthy. These are particularly bad for the back, shoulders and neck area as well as our entire circulatory system. Regular active breaks or - ideally - a height-adjustable desk provide remedy, allowing frequent changes between a sitting and standing working position. Electrically height-adjustable desks further facilitate an individual adjustment of the respective best desk height.


Cable Management - Always on the Right Level

With height-adjustable table frames, cable management is an issue. After all, the connecting cables have to be long enough to allow a complete elevating of the desktop. At the same time, the cables must not be in the way. We offer you different products for an effective cable organisation in our range.


More Cosiness with Creative Lighting Solutions

Market research studies show that "lighting" is an essential workspace topic for almost a quarter of the interviewed persons. Naturally, daylight is the most important factor. Then again, it is not always bright and sunny outside. Just think about the long, dark days of winter. Apart from appropriate functional lighting, LED strips can accentuate furniture and create a nice ambience in the office.