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OSTERMANN – Wholesaler for the carpentry and furniture industry
ABS Edgings
Melamine Edgings
Real Wood Edgings
Aluminium Edgings
PP Edgings
T-Bar Edgings
Clamp-fit Edgings
Acrylic Edgings
Varnishable Edgings
PVC Edgings
Hotmelt Adhesives
Handles and Knobs
Recessed Handles and Flush Handles
Furniture Linoleum
Sibu Design Boards
Decors in Rolls
Fastening Systems
Plinth Systems
Technical Profiles
Sliding Doors for Furniture
Castors and Trolleys
Furniture Feet
Table Fittings
Office Management
Shelving Systems
Edge Processing
Glue Applicators
Cleaners, Release Agents and Lubricants
Backing Foils and Lining Foils
Surface Correction
Grinding Material
Clamps and Clamping Systems
Transport and Storage Systems
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Unique service for craftsmen, shop fitters and interior design companies

The edgings specialist OSTERMANN supplies Europe’s largest range of edgings and is well known for the special service it provides. This includes the supply of edgings from just 1 metre in various thicknesses and every desired width up to 100 mm as well as numerous edging finishes such as the coating with hot melt adhesives, laser melts or the Airtec coating.

Further popular services are the qualified advice service from over 60 qualified carpenters/joiners and the 24 hour delivery service. Discover further OSTERMANN services on the following pages!

Find out everything about the unique OSTERMANN services.

Edgings service

OSTERMANN supplies Europe’s largest range of edgings and offers numerous services “all around the edgings”.

Sample Service

Product samples help to acquire new customers, support the sales talk and ensure the processor that everything is going to fit perfectly.

Ostermann e-Services online Services

Find out everything about OSTERMANN online services, i.e. interfaces, OstermannTV or the smartphone app.

Expert Advice

Tips and tricks for using a variety of edging materials - from edgings and bonding to the finishes.


Our video channel "OstermannTV" provides short and comprehensible answers to frequent carpentry questions.

Here you'll find all information about the issues of THE MAGAZINE.

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Find out more about current fair dates from OSTERMANN.

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Here you’ll find all OSTERMANN building instructions and the catalogue.


Here you can order free of charge the OSTERMANN catalogue as well as the “Installation and assembly products, coatings, workshop requirements” catalogue.