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Sibu Design Boards

Offer flexible and individual design possibilities

Sibu Design Boards from OSTERMANN can be used as furniture surface, filling, wall covering or for display and trade fair stand construction. The eye-catching surfaces are inspired by the latest design trends in fashion, architecture, automotives or sports. They have a unique feel and look, while being easy to process for the expert, and can be used for a range of different purposes. The 100% PVC-free surfaces are produced exclusively in Austria. OSTERMANN supplies Sibu Design Boards with eye-catching textures as well as with leather or mirror surfaces.

Depending on the surface and the decor, they are made of the following materials:

  • polyurethane synthetic leather surfaces (PU)
  • polyester synthetic fur surfaces (PET)
  • metalized surfaces (PET)
  • special coatings (PET lacquer)
  • printed surfaces (print)
  • acrylic surfaces (PMMA)

All variants are not only optically outstanding, but have a unique feel as well. They match the highest quality standards and are particularly suitable for interiors.

Sibu image film

Supporting materials and reverse side variants

Polystyrene, the Sibu Design Boards' basic material in the variants NA (non-adhesive) and SA (self-adhesive), is a thermoplastic material. Therefore, a slight expansion of the design board due to temperature change has to be considered. Bonding with PVAc - if possible - prevents this expansion and enables a flush bonding.

Depending on the design, the boards are available with different backings and support materials, which allows for different types of processing:

The non-adhesive design boards from the Deco Line, Leather Line, SibuGlas, Structure Line and Acrylic Line collections can be bonded with standard PVAc glues (white glues), e.g. our Redocol Kantol Greenline. The reverse sides of the boards have to be pre-treated for this (grain size 80). An exception are the boards from the SibuGlas collection which have a highly absorbing reverse side made of PU synthetic leather.

The pre-treated; non-adhesive design boards can be bonded with standard PVAc glues (white glues), e.g. our REDOCOL Kantol Greenline. The have already been pre-processed by the manufacturer with the Corona treatment and do not have to be sanded.. The pre-treatment lasts for three months.

Depending on the surface, the self-adhesive design boards have a reverse side coated either with high-quality acrylate adhesive or synthetic rubber. They can be bonded both to absorbing and non-absorbing substrates. Keep in mind to leave an expansion joint.

Design boards with antigrav backing consist of a light, innovative material that originates in the automobile industry and can be bonded flush, without the necessity of an expansion joint. Boards with an antigrav backing are therefore particularly suitable to be processed as a wall panel and can be tailored and further processed with standard cutting tools.

Processing of Sibu Design Boards

Processing of Sibu Design Boards

Step-by-step instructions for the processing of Sibu boards

Processing of Sibu Design Boards

Abrasion resistance

Sibu Design Boards can be used for very different applications in interior areas. Yet, not every surface is suitable for every application. While the scratch-resistant SibuGlas boards are adapted to very high exposure - e.g. on horizontal surfaces - as well, surfaces like the nicely reflecting decor boards with little abrasion resistance are best suited for decorative walls with little exposure in shopfitting or project construction.

We have categorised the abrasion resistance (AR) as follows:

Very low abrasion resistance

Very low

Low abrasion resistance


Medium abrasion resistance


High abrasion resistance


Very high abrasion resistance

Very high



Overview of Sibu collections

Sibu Lether Line

Leather Line

With the Leather Line collection, Ostermann is offering the processor an extremely robust artificial leather. The surface is a visually and tactilely outstanding reproduction with excellent abrasion resistance and a super soft feel. The assortment includes finishes in fine smooth leather, fur, reptile and decorative seam looks as well as leather surfaces in opalescent metallic colours.
Sibu Deco Line

Deco Line

This line includes striking decors, e.g. mirror surfaces, metallic matt plain decors and decors with a stone or vintage look. In the decorative area, particularly in shopfitting, displays and trade fair construction, these are the cutting-edge surface finishes.


The SibuGlas line includes acrylic glass surfaces with conspicuous décors as an underlay. Their matchless depth effect makes them unique, and they are also available as a non-scratch AR+ variant.
Sibu Punch Line

Punch Line

The Punch Line products are characterised by their extraordinary 3D look and feel. Part of this product line are perforated metallic surfaces that become particular eye-catchers thanks to a special 3D effect foil.
Sibu Multistyle


Here, you will find mirror and metallic surfaces with an elegant mosaic look. Multistyle products are extremely flexible and can therefore be used on substrates with radii as well.
Sibu Wood Line

Wood Line

Wood Line from Ostermann offers you trendy wood colours with a vivid wood texture. Applied partially or large-scale, the Sibu Wood Line decors add a final touch to modern furniture.
Sibu Structure Line

Structure Line

If you are looking for a textured eye-catcher, Sibu Structure Line is right for you. Within this collection, you will find surfaces with a concrete, vintage, reptile, metal or wood look. The three-dimensional boards in modern colour combinations have a unique look and feel.
Sibu Translucent Line

Translucent Line

Translucent Line has been specially developed to facilitate backlighting of furniture elements. The indentations in the design boards are translucent and add a special touch in every room.
Sibu Acrylic Line

Acrylic Line

The Acrylic Line Design Boards include textured high-gloss finishes from high-quality ABS/PMMA material. The homogeneous acrylic material convinces with its high gloss look, has excellent processing properties and a good abrasion resistance.

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