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The carcass is made

Step 2Lamellobeutel wird gereicht

Here we go! The construction of the cupboard is starting. Accompany the customer through the individual production steps with us and discover the 6 different categories of our range!

One Edging - Many Services

Before we can start assembling the carcass, edgings must be applied to the particleboards. For the selected surface, our experts recommend the Nordic Pine wooden structured edging in dimensions of 23 x 1 mm. For the carcass with standard outer dimensions of 140 x 180 x 40 cm and with 6 shelves, approx. 25 metres of edging will be needed.

Our Tip:

To build furniture starting from amounts of one individual piece, it pays off not to order the edgings in rolls, but according to your actual needs and accurate to the metre in our online shop. These will be delivered to you quickly and reliably, and you will not have to deal with unnecessary residual volume later.

More about OSTERMANN's edging service

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Quickly Find the Matching Edgings

To find the right one among the 14,000 different edgings in our range it suffices to type the board number into the search field and you will be shown all available possibilities for your board. You have a special wish? We look forward to your call!

Starting the Construction: Fastening Systems

For the cupboard's carcass, our customer opted the Lamello Cabineo one-piece connector. Compared to standard eccentric connectors, it is distinguished by a more efficient handling, a faster assembly and a high clamping force without the need of additional wooden dowels.

Find out more about Cabineo

Korpus wird zusammengesteckt

Nahaufnahme Kante am Korpus

Our Tip:

Do you know our starter set for Lamello Cabineo carcass connectors? You receive 40 pieces of Cabineo 8 for dividing panels from 16 mm and corner connections from 12 mm, and another 40 pieces of Cabineo 12 for dividing panels from 24 mm and corner connections from 13 mm. The set also includes the right hex bit and matching cover caps.

Order starter set now

Connect. Adjust. Cover.

Besides many Lamello products, you will find in our shop numerous other items for the construction of your furniture: from fastenings systems to plinth systems to the variety of our popular technical profiles.

Useful Tools for the Workshop

Stress whitening on the edgings? We recommend our REDOCOL sisal brush. Its special sisal-cloth combination makes it the perfect tool for smoothing edges after processing and for removing possible ghost lines or tool marks.

Our Tip:

When using the REDOCOL sisal brush, guide it over the edging several times in an oblique position and with soft pressure.

Learn about other useful tools


All From One Source

In our "Workshop & Adhesives" you will not only find many adhesives and cleaners for diverse applications, but also a lot of special and consumable items for your workshop. These include accessories for edge processing as well as backing and lining foils, abrasives and of course an extensive selection of packaging materials.

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