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Made Just For You: Furniture Edgings with Individual Decor

We can now also provide you with ABS furniture edgings with an individually defined decor. These are supplied within the shortest delivery times and in small amounts.


Our edging range is now getting even bigger, due to a new service: edgings with individual decors. What exactly does that mean? We now offer ABS edgings with an individually definable decor. The ABS edgings are supplied in thicknesses of 0.4 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm, within the shortest delivery times, and as usual in small amounts. To learn more about your options and how to easily order your desired edging, just give your responsible office sales manager a quick call. The presented service gives you abundant new opportunities.

Creative Edgings with Individual Design

As extensive as our range is... for some particularly extravagant decors, there has been no suitable ABS edging. In the past, you would have used a plain edging or aluminium edging in these cases. Today, individual decors offer new solutions. You can define the edging's design yourself and get your decor edging in the desired dimension.

Edgings With Your Fantasy Decor

You are looking for an edging with a decor that does not even exist yet? For edgings with individual decors, the sky is the limit! You define a design - like this colour explosion - and get your decor edging in the desired dimension.

Edgings in Multi-Layer Look

Concrete on top, walnut below... in between a fantasy decor? We can make even design ideas like this one a reality. Imagine this edging on furniture: on top a board with concrete look; below a walnut front. The result are unique pieces of furniture, individually made by a qualified carpenter.

Edgings for Shopfitting

Another possibility is of course to depict realistic photographs, logos, or specified corporate colours on the edging. Our example here is the edging with coffee bean design.