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Europe`s Largest Range of Edgings

„The best edging is always the one you don‘t see!“ is one of our most important guiding principles. We put passion into making the edging material as similar as possible to the furniture surface in terms of look and feel. That is how, in over 30 years, Europe‘s largest range of edgings has evolved, including the matching edgings to the board surfaces of more than 70 board suppliers all over Europe.

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OSTERMANN boasts Europe's largest range of edgings with over 12,000 edgings and profiles in stock. This makes Ostermann the direct point of contact for every type of edging processing. The perfect product surface and easy reworkabililty with special finishes are the features of Ostermann edgings. There is where professionals can obtain suitable edgings with finishes and structures from Europe's largest cross reference list with 150,000 listings. Ostermann also offers customers products in every length from just 1 m and every width up to 100 mm and dispatches its products in the smallest quantities.

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The variety of materials in our edging range is extensive and offers the right material for any application.

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