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Edge Processing and Edging Storage

Storage of Edgings

Storage of edgings

Our experts are always available to offer advice and support for carpenters/cabinet makers. Here they experts have answered for you questions on the right storage of edgings:

In order to keep the initial tension it’s best to store the edgings horizontally. They should be stacked dust-free and protected from spray and UV light, for example in a windowless room. UV light destroys the applied primer. The best temperature for storage is a constant room temperature of 17-20 degrees C. If the QR-Codes with ordering information on the edgings are kept in the warehouse too, then storage is very clear and subsequent ordering of the edgings is even faster and easier.

Special tip: Customers can also use OSTERMANN as an external warehouse in order to reduce costs. With the 24-hour delivery service they can order appropriate amounts for individual projects.

The perfect edging depot consists of individual, differently sized shelves. The size of the shelves should be at least 800 x 800 mm. Ideally, there are different levels of shelves for different edging widths. Wide edgings belong in the lower compartments due to their greater weight. The edging rolls are individually inserted so that they lie flat. You can then easily see which edging is on what shelf. It is also recommended to label each roll with supplier information, code, width and thickness as well as the amount of edging left. The edgings are best stored when there is a door to protect them from dust and light.

The manufacturer’s guarantee for plastic edgings is 1 year. Under ideal storage conditions ABS edgings have a significantly longer storage life. Decor edgings and edgings with less common colours are however best ordered in small quantities. OSTERMANN delivers, if necessary, small quantities from just 1 metre.


Special tip: End grain edgings are best stored in a sealed plastic bag so that they do not dry out and become brittle.


In winter it’s more frequently the case that edgings stick badly. The reason is that boards and/or edgings are stored too cold. The glue sets too quickly through the application of adhesive on the cold surface. This leads to poor adhesion. Therefore, newly delivered boards and edgings should be stored at least 24 hours at room temperature before being processed. On delivery it can take boards on pallets up to 3 days until the middle boards have reached room temperature.

Special tip: It’s also possible that edgings don’t stick properly on hot days. The reason for this is often draughts through open windows. If this happens the open time of the glue is exceeded.