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ABS Edgings

Product Information

ABS is the future-proof material for plastic edgings - it is characterised by its outstanding processing characteristics and material resistance. The OSTERMANN range contains great plain colour designs, wood decors inspired by nature and appealing fantasy decors available in various finishes from gloss to coarsely textured. In the range of ABS high gloss / super matt edgings, OSTERMANN offers a large assortment for different application areas. Contrasting the high gloss level of more than 90 gloss units, we also have in our assortment super matt ABS edgings with a specially reduced gloss level of less than 5 gloss units. The decor and colour quality of the 16 to 100 mm wide edgings provides the joiner with various options to create a perfectly matching board finish for each project.

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ABS edgings

OSTERMANN supplies ABS edgings in every length from just 1 metre. They are available in every width from 16 - 100 mm. For manually applied 2 mm edgings, OSTERMANN offers the retrofitting of a T-bar. All edgings are also available with hotmelt adhesive or with a functional layer for all zero bondline technologies (laser, hot air and infrared) upon request. Customer-specific colour / pattern finishes are also available - just ask us!

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) - homogeneously coloured

  • Gloss level Excellent Matt >3 +3/-2 gloss units
  • Gloss level Super Matt < 7 +/- 2 gloss units
  • Gloss level Gloss > 70 +/- 5 gloss units
  • Gloss level High Gloss > 80 +/- 5 gloss units
  • Gloss level Excellent Gloss > 90 +/- 5 gloss units

Lightfast, level 6 according to DIN 53387 (blue wool scale).

Unpainted edgings are conditionally varnishable with various PUR (DD) lacquers (test painting required). Do not use NC lacquers - for painting thin surfaces, we recommend you special varnishable edgings from our ABS range.

Normally inflammable according to DIN 4102, B2 not self-extinguishing (B1 - hardly inflammable - only as a complete component, if LGA tested).

Temperature-resistant from -30 °C to +85 °C.

Good - according to DIN 68861-1, limited resistance to solvents.

Can be burned with wood waste at the required temperature (formaldehyde-free).

  • High mechanical abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Heat-stable
  • Homogeneous appearance up to the radius area

Tips & Tricks

ABS edgings from OSTERMANN are food-safe and do not contain any plastisicers or toxic chlorine compounds. For smoothing milled edgings, we recommend the sisal finish brush (part no. 859.9450). Its special sisal-cloth combination is ideally suited to remove slight tool marks and stress whitening. You need to combine in order to win: with ABS edgings you create great effects on on a piece of furniture by combining contrasting colours.

Our high-gloss / super matt edgings are always delivered with a protective film. This protects delicate surfaces during processing and shipment. To help process high gloss / super matt edgings without damaging them, we recommend using a rubber feed roller.

Processing Instructions

Can be machine-bonded with all common hotmelt adhesives (EVA, PUR, PA, PO). Primer applied at the rear side.

Pretensioned, for optimal completion of the edge area. No splinters, no cracking, pressure-resistant while processing.


Finish cleaner - If possible do not use strong solvents containing alcoholic substances.

In weather-protected environment nearly unlimited shelf life at room temperature (20 - 25 °C), pre-glued, the max shelf-life is 6 months.

Whitening and / or chatter marks can be removed using a sisal brush (part no. 855.9448) or hot air blow dryer. Surface damage can be mended with touch-up pens as well as hard and soft waxes.