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Edge Processing and Edging Storage

Edging Organiser

The Mobile Edging Organiser

The Mobile Edgings Organiser

First white, then oak, then light grey, then white again ... If you process many edgings in a day, you are surely familiar with the rather tedious part of repetitively packing edgings and unpacking new edgings. This task becomes obsolete when using the mobile Edging Organiser.

The Edging Organiser is a mobile edging storage solution. It can hold up to 12 edging rolls - neat and clearly arranged. Place it next to the edgebanding machine to have your edgings available at all times and change them without delay. A safety catch on the magazine protects against unintentional sliding back or unrolling of the edgings.

Simply Convenient

The Edging Organiser is rollable and easy to store even in a smaller workshop. To fill it, place an edging roll into the relevant magazine and push it back into the Edging Organiser like a clothes hanger; it takes only seconds. The Edging Organiser is suitable for all edging rolls with thicknesses between 0.5 and 3 mm. For different edging widths, appropriate spacers are available.

  • continuously height-adjustable from 65 cm to 100 cm
  • suitable even for heavy and large edging rolls
  • significant time savings
  • partial rolls are stored safely and correctly
  • faster changing of edging
  • moveable magazine stand
  • amount of edging tape remaining can be constantly monitored

Accessories and Scope of Delivery

The delivery includes a moveable stand as well as either 6 or 10 magazines for 23 mm wide edgings. To use the Edging Organiser for other widths, there are adjustment sets available for the edging widths 33 mm, 45 mm, 55 mm and 65 mm.