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Aluminum Edgings

Product Information

Aluminium edgings are versatile and complement both plain and decor boards. Particularly combining wood and aluminium can make an exclusive eye-catcher of your workpiece. OSTERMANN supplies Aluminium edgings as a roll and in straight lenghts in fine finishes. For the production of plinths, you can use ABS edging with a real aluminium finish.

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Aluminium edgings

In order to protect the high-grade look of Aluminium edgings , the rolled product is always delivered with a protective film. It is sanded on the rear side and a special primer is applied to ensure a secure and permanent bond. OSTERMANN keeps stocks of small standard roll lengths of these edgings.

Aluminium according to DIN EN 573-3 AlMg1. Anodised edgings have an oxide thickness of 3-9 μm.

Very good light resistance.

For lacquering thin surfaces, OSTERMANN recommends special varnishable edgings from the ABS and melamine range.

Low flammability.

Temperature-resistant from -40 °C to +130 °C.

Good - according to DIN 68861-1

  • Can be burned with wood waste at the required temperature (melting point approx. 660 °C)
  • No substances that produce toxic or hazardous substances when burned

  • Very shock- and impact-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Metallic gloss
  • High-grade look

Tips & Tricks

For reliable processing, you should always apply solid aluminium edgings with PUR adhesive and heat them to approx. 45 - 50 °C first. To do so, use a veneer press or place hot air blowers underneath the edging table of the edgebanding machine. Before milling, both sides of the edging roll - i.e. the protrusions to be milled - should be treated with a cloth wet with Teflon spray. To complete this process you can then sand the radius / chamfer with 240 grit sandpaper and seal the milled edge with hard oil.

Processing Instructions

Rolls: can be machine-bonded with PUR hotmelt adhesive (primer applied). Apply Teflon oil on the narrow areas of the edging. Fitted with PE protective film 50-60 microns ( μm), not UV-resistant.

No splinters, no cracking, pressure resistance while processing.

Heating up of the edging material to 45 - 50 °C.

Inner and outer radius for 1 mm thickness ≥ 200 mm.

Use of non-abrasive cleaning agents.

Dry storage of the edging at ordinary room temperature (20-25 °C), min. shelf life with primer 1 year.

Sand the edging after trimming and rub it with a hard oil soaked rag.

Solid aluminium and ABS / melamine with real aluminium finish.