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Useful Tools for a Perfect Edging

5 easy ways to get perfect edgings

Our experts are always available to offer advice and support for carpenters/cabinet makers. Find tips on useful tools that will facilitate your edging work and lead to perfect results:

OSTERMANN's high-gloss edgings are always delivered with a protective film. This protects delicate surfaces during processing and shipment. However, once the work piece is finished, it is not always easy to remove the protective film, especially from milled edgings. If you have many fronts in a project, this can quickly take up a working hour here or there. For those wanting to save time, we recommend the protective film remover from REDOCOL. It facilitates a faster and cleaner removal of protective film. The coated wooden block can of course be also used for cabinet fronts and larger surfaces.

Special tip: Just once, record the time needed to remove the film from fronts and edgings. You’ll see: the work just takes half as long with the protective film remover.

SisalbürsteMilling down plastic edgings can frequently result in minor tool marks and stress whitening. For smoothing milled edgings, we recommend the FINISHER SISAL BRUSH. Its special sisal-cloth combination removes light tool marks and stress whitening. For areas that you cannot reach with a milling machine, we recommend that you manually rework the radius with an OSTERMANN scraper and then finish off the edging with the sisal brush.

Special tip: In tight radii stress whitening can sometimes also occur on the upper surface of the edging. There is where a conventional hot-air gun can help. Heating the material will make the white areas disappear from the edging. Quickly re-polish the milled radius with the Finisher sisal brush - finished!

Anyone who has ever edged a round top knows the problem. If you cut the edging too much, this will result in an unattractive joint when the edges meet. That's why you make an overlap of approx. 2 - 5 cm before applying it. To cut the overlap so that the edges fit flushly, our experts recommend using a butt joint guillotine. This allows you to cut the edging just 0.5 to 1 mm before the butt. The hotmelt adhesive will have cooled down by this point, so reactivate it with a hot-air gun and put pressure on the end of the edging using a small cork block. The heat will cause the edging to expand and it will fit precisely to the butt.


To prevent opened edging rolls from unwinding or getting tangled up with one another, we recommend simple EDGING CLAMPS. You can also use hook and loop tape. We deliver it on a roll, e.g. from REDOCOL, or as packaged Hook and loop tapes with eyelets.

Special tip: Anyone wanting to keep opened edging rolls ready to hand close beside their edgebanding machine should really take a look at our mobile edging organiser!

Alongside our broad range of high-gloss acrylic edgings, we also stock numerous acrylic edgings without a high-gloss finish. If you want to offer your customers an extraordinary edging look, it is possible to subsequently add a high-gloss finish to 3D acrylic edgings with the aid of a polishing disk and buffing paste. The pattern embossed on the underside of the edging is protected by the overlying acrylic layer, while the polishing process gives it gloss and depth.

MORE ON 3D Acrylic Edgings

Special tip: To achieve this kind of "wow effect", we recommend you to use an abrasive polish. This is best applied with a polishing ring (ø 125 mm, 14 mm drill hole). The polishing ring can be easily fitted to the drill with the aid of an expanding mandrel.

Overview on tools for perfect edgings: