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More than 40 Years of Experience

30 years of experienceWhen the first edgebanding machines found their way into the trade at the end of the 80s, the paints and adhesives wholesaler OSTERMANN knew: with this kind of machine in the workshop, you also need edgings. Not the huge amounts that are merchandised in the industry, though. The trade has a demand for rather small amounts of very different edgings. So it all began with the idea of supplying furniture edgings from a length of only 1 metre. The range initially comprised a mere 12 colours and decors. But demand was huge and so the product range expanded rapidly.

We have come a long way from our first product portfolio with 12 colours and decors to the present range. In a close cooperation with you - our customers - as well as suppliers and board manufacturers from all over Europe, we have gathered an enormous amount of know-how and expertise on the topic of „edging“. From the matching of edgings to surfaces and the various edging materials as well as their processing and bonding to the different machine technologies.

Always on the Lookout for New Ideas

new ideasOur dedication to the commerce and the good cooperation with the trades has always been what distinguishes us. The focus has been, and still is, the best service for you - our customers. We continuously identify new things that simplify your day-to-day tasks and which improve the OSTERMANN service. In the process, important pioneering achievements like the development of T-bar edgings, the first laser edging for the trade as well as the OSTERMANN Airtec and Infratec edgings were accomplished.

Diversity in Furniture Construction

Edging varietyNaturally, this is first and foremost true of our huge range of furniture edgings. Our highly efficient warehouse logistics and our international orientation mean that we can offer you a unique selection of edgings for the boards of numerous board suppliers throughout Europe. This is where you can find edgings made from the most diverse materials, such as ABS, melamine, acrylic, aluminium and real wood, in every width up to 100 mm and in different thicknesses. We also support you with a wide range of products for furniture making.

Trade is about Quality

QualityThat is why we are closely cooperating with the manufacturers of our products. Before our employees give their approval for the sale of an edging, it has to pass a number of different tests: colour measurement, gloss measurement, dimensional accuracy, quality of the embossing and paint and, obviously, the examination of the primer coating. But the most important thing is the matching of the edging to the board surface. A new edging is not approved for production until everything is just right. Every receipt of goods, every repeat production is later compared to the master sample and checked by our product management with just the same meticulousness.